Taveo Announces Availability of Its Innovative Click Tracking and URL Management Service

Minneapolis, MN – Taveo, a leading provider of click tracking and URL management services, announced today the general availability of its full product suite. Prior to this, the company has been invite only while beta testing its platform.

Taveo’s platform is used by thousands of developers, marketers and small business to manage the URLs they publish on the web and to privately track inbound click statistics about those links. The service enables anyone to generate short URLs and track a range of metrics.

Taveo is the only service of this type that allows users to import and use their existing domain for click tracking. Businesses around the world are using Taveo to track and audit their online ad clicks, measure social media effectiveness and better understand their audience. More information can be found at www.taveo.net.

Taveo AnalyticsWhile similar services exist, Taveo feels it can carve out a niche for itself by offering an industry leading product at a price that small businesses can afford.

Allison Joyce, co-founder of Taveo stated: “Most free services of this type, including bitly and google, make all of their click statistics available for anyone to see and only include basic information. Our free forever plan offers a full range of private statistics from the get go. Their premium offerings start at $20 a month or more, while our first premium tier is just $3.99 per month.”

In addition to click tracking, Taveo has a wide range of URL management options available. Customers can dynamically change URL destinations based on geo-location, browser language, operating system, random (A/B testing) and time expiring. With built-in conversion tracking, businesses can determine how many clicks lead to valuable customer interaction.

James Thomas, co-founder & CEO of Taveo said: “Taveo was created after a frustrating experience advertising online. You basically have to trust the ad network’s metrics. OK, people clicked on your ad today, please give us $500 dollars. We wanted to know what actually happened. With Taveo you can.”

About Taveo

Founded in 2014, Taveo is a private, easy to use click tracking and URL management platform. We offer robust analytics about who is clicking on your links, as well as link redirection based on location, device, spoken language, random (A/B Testing) or time. We offer simple statistics and reporting that enables you to quickly understand who is clicking on the URLs you publish and advertise with. For more details visit the companies website at www.taveo.net.