GeoEdge Launches SpecHub, an Automated Creative QA Solution to Revolutionize Ad Ops Workflow for Publishers’ Direct-Sold Campaigns

New York, NY – GeoEdge, the leading ad verification and security solutions provider for online and mobile advertising, has launched SpecHub, an automated creative QA testing solution for publishers’ direct sold campaigns.

SpecHub automates the direct-sold, creative QA testing process for publishers and dramatically reduces workflow inefficiencies. It transforms and enhances the efficiency of the creative QA testing process by enabling publishers to quickly and easily test and launch error free ad campaigns. In fact, a publisher’s QA and trafficking workload can be reduced by 70% using SpecHub.

Currently the only solution of its kind, SpecHub augments the current ad ops workflow and allows publishers’ agencies to test the creatives for compliance before they are sent to the publisher. This ensures that publishers only receive pre-verified creatives which comply with all their specifications, and are therefore ready for launch. With SpecHub customized to publisher and industry standards, trafficking efficiency is dramatically enhanced and the cost of manual and labor intensive procedures greatly reduced.

SpecHub leverages GeoEdge’s ad security and verification proprietary technology to run expansive automated
QA tests for:

(1) Publisher’s Customized Specs: Each publisher has their own SpecHub portal customized to their specs. SpecHub notifies the team of any non-compliance issues.
(2) IAB Compliance: Detects and flags any breaches in compliance of the IAB standards.
(3) User Security: Detects and notifies any unknown, suspicious or malicious elements of an ad campaign.
(4) Operation: Detects and flags any errors in the ad campaign, whether online, mobile or video.

“We designed SpecHub to solve the problems our publishers face when testing and launching direct-sold campaigns. Often, the process is filled with delays, errors and miscommunication,” says Amnon Siev, CEO of GeoEdge. “SpecHub drastically changes the way in which a publisher will need to work with ad campaigns, saving the company valuable time and resources.”

With the launch of SpecHub, GeoEdge provides ad security and verification for the entire ad campaign ecosystem, for both direct-sold and programmatic campaigns.