Mobrain by Headway Drives Campaign Performance and Protection for Advertisers

Los Angeles, California – Global data-driven media and marketing firm Headway ( is helping international brands achieve higher conversion rates and real insights into how their apps are being used. Advertisers utilizing Headway’s mobile advertising platform, Mobrain, are noting higher performance as well as greater protection against mobile app fraud with Mobrain’s Genius tool.

According to AdWeek, cyber criminals have cost mobile advertisers billions of dollars from “non-human” traffic on digital ads, and by some estimates, over 34% of all mobile traffic is fraudulent. Headway’s Mobrain Genius fraud prevention and detection tool allows advertisers to gain control over their mobile campaigns and monitor campaign performance. As a relatively new product in the robust suite of mobile services that Mobrain offers, Mobrain Genius is already seeing results. On average, the proportion of highly suspicious traffic is lowered from 15.8% to 5.6%, and in turn, clean traffic is raised from 73% to 88.6%. Mobrain Genius’s multi-layered data processing system allowed them to find and block over 115 suspicious sources.

Mobrain Genius provides mobile advertisers with protection against fraudulent clicks stemming from anonymous IP addresses. The proprietary technology fights fraud by contrasting the data of ad campaigns with expected user behavior, abnormal patterns related to IP distribution, reported user devices, or time from click to install distribution. This process roots out fraudulent activity, guaranteeing that brands only pay for truly engaged users.

“We discovered a new way of looking at data that was already there, but wasn’t being properly used,” said Luis Barrague, COO of Headway. “We’ve already analyzed the inventory of our long-term traffic partners and have been able to blacklist all suspicious sources. Our continuous communication system notifies our sources of any suspicious activity and removes it from our advertising campaigns. For new sources, we have implemented an entire onboarding process that includes various tests to ensure quality. After several test runs, if everything has passed, we include the traffic provider in the list of Mobrain premium sources and give them access to our top campaigns.”

Mobrain is Headway’s proprietary mobile technology that connects direct and transparent supply with premium demand worldwide. Brands can access highly-engaged users globally and retarget user databases while meeting their KPIs, maximizing their ROI and boosting their mobile app ranking. Mobrain simplifies the media buying process to help companies enhance campaigns and provides an integrated analytic dashboard that uses BI tools like OLAP Analyses, data mining and reporting to optimize traffic flow to reach the advertiser’s objectives.

“It is an exciting time for Headway as we help brands globally with the support of our multi-cultural teams in over 18 offices worldwide. With Mobrain’s technology we are delivering higher engagement rates, enhanced campaign performance, as well protection against rising mobile fraud,” explained Xavier Bourlard, SVP International Growth & Partner of Headway.

About Headway

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