IRI Announces Enhancements to IRI Lift, Launching Lift for TV Solution to Measure the Impact of Television Advertising on Sales

Expands IRI’s Digital Advertising Measurement Solution, IRI Lift, to Include Television Advertising

Combe, a Leading Personal-Care Company, Leveraging IRI Lift for TV™ to Optimize Advertising Effectiveness and Maximize Sales Lift

CHICAGO – IRI®, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail, media and over-the-counter health care companies, announced it has enhanced its IRI Lift™ solution with the launch of Lift for TV™, which measures the offline sales impact of TV advertising campaigns faster and more accurately than ever before. With the addition of Lift for TV, IRI Lift will now enable clients to optimize media effectiveness and deliver in-flight metrics on the success of both digital and television advertising campaigns.

“Lift for TV is another industry-leading advancement in our effort to provide personalization solutions that are relevant and timely in today’s marketplace”

IRI Lift is the industry’s only real-time campaign measurement and optimization tool. Its highly differentiated data assets, technology platform and product features provide a more precise understanding of the impact advertising and how consumers are activated, enabling marketers to optimize their advertising and create significantly more personalized relationships with consumers and shoppers. Optimizing media allocation with IRI Lift — such as shifting inventory between programming or changing creative — can increase return on advertising spending by up to 70 percent.

As one-to-one marketing personalization continues to be the key to driving sales growth, IRI is at the forefront of providing solutions that enable clients to improve advertising effectiveness, encourage shopper engagement, enhance shopper loyalty and meaningfully grow revenue and market share.

Combe, whose brands include Just for Men, Sea-Bond and Vagisil, has signed on to use the new solution to get real-time results for its advertising campaigns. Jackie Steinberg, senior director of Global Media for Combe, said, “By leveraging IRI Lift across our portfolio of brands for both digital and TV, we are now able to measure the impact of our television and digital campaigns, take action to course-correct based on these granular insights, and optimize our efforts with speed and effectiveness for maximum sales lift and return on advertising spend.”

“Lift for TV is another industry-leading advancement in our effort to provide personalization solutions that are relevant and timely in today’s marketplace,” said Srishti Gupta, president of the IRI Media Center of Excellence. “We are proud to lead the charge in personalization by building upon the deepest and richest data set in the industry, our superior technology platform and vast partner ecosystem to meet the evolving needs of our clients.”

IRI Lift for TV connects TV exposure to offline sales lift faster and more accurately than competing solutions. The key is IRI’s vastly superior data assets, which include robust consumer and purchase data, including the richest frequent shopper program loyalty data available from more than 150 million loyalty cards, matched with granular TV information from millions of households and various sources, such as Simulmedia, a national TV activation provider that has matched its TV viewing data with IRI ProScores™, as well other TV advertising data providers, for better targeting. The result is the industry’s best television advertising measurement solution providing:

  • Speed. Live analytics provide deeper insights in real time — as quickly as weeks into a campaign.
  • Granularity. Deeper insights allow results to be broken out by campaign, creative, network, daypart, duration and other factors.

IRI Lift is a module within IRI’s dynamic, integrated and interactive IRI Liquid Data® platform, which enables access across multiple devices and links to more than 20 different applications. IRI Lift was developed in partnership with Kantar Shopcom.

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