Baidu’s DU Ad Platform Brings Video Ads, Trigger Ads, and iOS Support to Mobile Developers and Advertisers

BEIJING – Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU) announced that its international mobile ad platform DU Ad Platform has significantly bolstered its offerings for developers and advertisers worldwide. In addition to its existing feature set, DU Ad Platform now supports video ads and trigger ads on Android, and native ads on iOS. The announcement was made at Baidu’s 2017 “AI-Enabled Ad Platform” conference on April 26 in Beijing, China.

“These new features leverage Baidu’s AI technology bringing more value to app developers and advertisers”

“These new features leverage Baidu’s AI technology bringing more value to app developers and advertisers,” said General Manager of Baidu’s Global Business Unit Mr. Johnson Hu. “We’re thrilled to help advertisers reach their audience even more accurately, and enable developers to effortlessly maximize their revenues.”

DU Ad Platform uses an AI-enhanced technology called “Peak Selection Algorithm” to automatically maximize revenues from ad campaigns. Its inventory covers more than 2 billion users across 200 countries and regions worldwide, and it has a customer base of over 1,700 mobile developers.

“Our revenue has now reached a new level. DU Ad Platform has a great advantage in its SDK security and payment cycle; we are very satisfied with it. The platform has found a great balance between monetization and user experience,” said VideoShow CEO Mr. Fangqing Liu.

For more information about DU Ad Platform, visit the product website at Information about Baidu’s international product family can be found at

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