Barometric Unveils Expanded Cross-Environment Media Tracking and Attribution Solution

Effectively measures more media and conversion environments than any other single platform

NEW YORK – Businesses can now achieve greater insights and impact from their investments in their digital marketing campaigns via the most advanced cross-environment tracking and attribution solution from Barometric, the advertising technology services division of AdTheorent, Inc.

“As our clients continue to embrace mobile as the most unique and personal way to reach their consumers, Barometric allows us to further validate that position and growth in investment”

Barometric’s enhanced platform addresses critical challenges for advertisers: effective measurement and analysis of their digital marketing campaigns and tracking of their customers in a highly-fragmented audience environment. Developed with a mobile-first approach, Barometric gives marketers an advanced cross-environment tracking and measurement solution with complete and accurate tracking data across all advertising touch points.

The platform delivers the market’s only holistic view of each customer’s journey across channels – providing marketers a single place to unify, measure, and optimize insights of customers’ entire purchasing path in real-time. As customers go through marketing touchpoints across media, channels and devices on their digital and physical path to purchase, Barometric’s actionable conversion data gives marketers the ability to better understand whether and when they’ve reached the same consumer on multiple devices, platforms and screens.

“As our clients continue to embrace mobile as the most unique and personal way to reach their consumers, Barometric allows us to further validate that position and growth in investment,” said Benjamin Bring, VP, Media Director at Ansible. “Through Barometric’s technology and our partnership, we finally have a well-articulated view of the mobile consumer connection and the highly valuable role it plays in driving intent and more importantly conversion across channels.”

“Whether it’s a corporate marketing team utilizing our solution to measure the effectiveness of their digital campaigns, or agencies working with us to measure and report campaign ROI to their clients, Barometric enables companies to take full advantage of its cross environment and device tracking capabilities so that business goals are achieved,” said Anthony Iacovone, President, Barometric. “Beyond being designed to scale for future channels, our platform is bringing new life to traditional channels, providing additional value to customers.”

About Barometric
Barometric® is the most advanced cross-environment media tracking and attribution solution in market. Originally developed as an internal tool for AdTheorent’s data-driven digital ad network, Barometric currently processes 3-4 billion ad calls per day. Since 2011, Barometric has served, tracked, and organized petabytes of data for use by AdTheorent’s predictive modeling platform, delivering unparalleled accuracy. Barometric is now offered as an independent hosted service offering for use with all media allowing marketers to leverage Barometric’s transparent, multi-environment methodology to measure cross-channel engagement in real-time, allowing for ongoing optimization and campaign management. Barometric is the only solution capable of collecting mobile IDs across all environments — such as web, app, rich media, video and brand studies — and matching these multiple IDs to a single user, resulting in superior attribution.