Triton Digital Launches Audio Centric Supply-Side Platform to Simplify the Management of Programmatic Audio Advertising Inventory

Yield-Op, Triton’s New SSP, Delivers Increased Control and Higher Yield for Global Audio Publishers such as CBS RADIO, PRISA Radio and Talpa Radio

LOS ANGELES – Triton Digital®, a leading technology provider for the global digital audio industry, announced the launch of Yield-Op, the first Supply Side Platform (SSP) built from the ground up specifically for online audio. Developed in accordance with the IAB’s OpenRTB protocol, Yield-Op provides a seamless plug-and-play integration delivering greater inventory control for publishers and a frictionless buying experience for advertisers.

Triton Digital announces Yield-Op, the first Supply Side Platform (SSP) built from the ground up for online audio.

Yield-Op is integrated with a number of the industry’s largest audio-optimized DSPs, including The Trade Desk, AppNexus, RTBiQ, AudioTrade and StrikeAd, among others. As an agnostic SSP, Yield-Op allows publishers using any ad server to connect with multiple DSP’s without modifying the systems and technology that they use today.

“Triton remains a valuable partner to our global digital audio strategy,” said Tim Sims, VP of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “The integration with Yield-Op provides our buyers with access to even more premium, global inventory to increase their reach and further optimize their buys.”

In addition, Yield-Op enables publishers to manage access, regulate pricing floors, establish ad quality settings in a2x, the leading digital audio marketplace, as well as configure direct deals with specific buyers, brands or sales houses. With an intuitive UI and the ability to optimize yield across every available impression, Yield-OP is now being leveraged by publishers across the globe, including CBS RADIO, PRISA Radio and Talpa Radio. Publishers can leverage Yield-Op to reach audiences across a wide range of listening devices, including mobile phones, smart speakers, wifi-connected devices, in car, etc.

“At Triton, we remain committed to removing all friction within the buying experience to unleash the true value of programmatic audio advertising. Along with Webcast Metrics®, the industry standard in online audio measurement, Yield-Op is an accretive component of the leading technology stack that is making digital audio easy and efficient to transact,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “By providing increased access to digital audio inventory and further control over how and where it’s served, both publishers and buyers can feel confident in transacting in this channel and in the return it will produce.”

About Triton Digital

Triton Digital® ( is building a better audio marketplace by making online audio advertising more accessible, intelligent, and effective. Launched in 2006 and operating in more than 40 countries, Triton Digital is the largest technology and services provider to the global digital audio industry. Triton’s technology is designed to help broadcasters, podcasters, and music services streamline their day-to-day operations, build their online audience, and maximize their online revenue. Its comprehensive product suite includes online audience measurement, streaming delivery and media players, advertising technology and online audience engagement tools. Triton also operates a global audio ad exchange that delivers a streamlined and effective way for brands to reach a range of audio audiences through a single programmatic platform.