Apple Beats Samsung in UK Paid Search Advertising

Mid-year report reveals retailers spent over £8.5m on iPhone related search terms 

London: Apple is outperforming Samsung when it comes to paid search advertising, according to new research released by Kantar Media company AdGooroo, which reveals that tech and home and garden are amongst the top consumer product categories in the UK online retail sector.

The study – which ranked consumer product keywords by desktop text ad spend from June 2016 to May 2017 – identified “iPhone 7” as the top term. Retailers spent a total of £5,653,549 on the term via paid search, over £3.6m more than the next highest keyword.

Seven of the top 20 keywords in the ranking were mobile phone related, showing this to be amongst the most popular retail product categories in UK paid search advertising. Apple dominated the list, with five iPhone related terms totalling ad spend of almost £8.9 million.

Competitor brand Samsung lagged behind, registering just one keyword in the top 20, its “Samsung Galaxy s6” model, with ad spend totalling little over £383,000. The only non-phone related consumer electronics keyword in the top 20 was “laptops,” which generated £491,351 in spend from 81 different advertisers.

Despite economic uncertainty over the last year, UK consumers are certainly proving that an Englishman’s home is his castle. Six home and garden related keywords featured in the top 20, and the term “fitted wardrobes”, which attracted almost £1m in ad spend from 143 advertisers, was the keyword with the greatest number of advertisers spending on it. Additional terms “beds”, “mirrors”, “rattan garden furniture”, “hot tubs” and “garden furniture” counted for an accumulated £2.6m.

In addition to splashing out on home improvements, UK shoppers are spending on jewellery items; popular jewellery brand “Pandora” was the second highest keyword with £1,958,622 in ad spend, while “engagement rings” attracted a total of £1,355,746 during the period.

Finally, “prom dresses” made it into this year’s top 20, demonstrating the impact the longstanding US tradition has had upon the UK market. A relatively new festivity this side of the pond, proms are now celebrated in over 85% of British schools, and the keyword attracted a total of £350,177 from 104 different advertisers.

“While the UK has faced a tough retail landscape over the past year, paid search remains one of the most effective forms of advertising for retailers because it enables you to connect with in-market consumers who are actively searching for products to purchase,” commented Eric Marcy, president of AdGooroo. “Retailers across all sectors need to have a clear understanding of paid search advertising to navigate the competitive landscape and continue to attract consumer spend.”

Top retail product keywords in UK paid search advertising June 2016-May 2017:


Top Retail Product Keywords in UK Paid Search Advertising
Based on Desktop Text Ad Spend, June 2016-May 2017
Keyword Ad Spend Number of Advertisers Average Cost Per Click
iphone 7 £5,653,549 43 £0.69
pandora £1,958,622 46 £0.48
iphone 6s £1,395,998 52 £0.46
engagement rings £1,355,746 99 £1.76
mobile phones £1,032,529 57 £2.98
fitted wardrobes £923,460 143 £4.51
iphone se £809,590 44 £1.08
iphone 5s £641,883 46 £0.79
mirrors £631,504 76 £0.38
catalogues £599,806 23 £4.32
beds £578,610 69 £1.58
rattan garden furniture £514,752 94 £1.88
hot tubs £504,892 126 £3.05
laptops £491,351 81 £1.53
garden furniture £397,895 120 £0.88
samsung galaxy s6 £383,200 50 £0.86
catalogue £378,444 21 £4.59
iphone 6s plus £374,767 45 £1.15
flowers £371,348 39 £1.33
prom dresses £350,177 104 £0.59
AdGooroo, a Kantar Media Company, 2017


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