S4M Utilizes zvelo’s Invalid Traffic (IVT) Dataset to Combat Ad Fraud

zvelo’s ad fraud solution was chosen by S4M as a partner for data center IP traffic filtration

Greenwood Village, Colorado – zvelo, the leading provider of categorization services for web content, web traffic and web-connected devices, announced that S4M – the mobile-native ad tech company providing a premium programmatic platform for advertisers and brands – has successfully deployed zvelo’s new Invalid Traffic (IVT) dataset to combat ad fraud.

The IVT dataset – part of zvelo’s comprehensive ad fraud solution that also includes the Free Bot Detection Service and Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT) dataset – is a continuously updated feed of IPs recognized as sources of non-human and bot traffic (NHT). This traffic can include the activities of data centers, web crawlers, fake crawlers, and malicious bots. Implementing the IVT dataset, programmatic platform businesses such as S4M can effectively perform pre-bid blocking of NHT-based impressions, thereby eliminating wasteful spending into suspicious and fraudulent ad traffic afflicting mobile advertising campaigns today.

Today, S4M is the only technology accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the entire mobile user journey – and the only European company with the certification. In order to renew the accreditation this year by complementing existing FUSIO fraud traffic filtration based on IAB spider list and activity-based methodologies, S4M set out to reinforce its data center IP filtration. By partnering with zvelo’s IVT dataset, S4M can ensure that a media product or service employs valid, reliable, and effective audience measurements. Sophistication of the platform’s fraud detection capabilities is one of the many updates S4M is addressing in order to meet the MRC’s strict annual audit process.

The IVT dataset has also equipped S4M with the ability to filter out ad traffic created by malicious bots and other non-human sources, enabling the ad tech company to recognize – and eliminate – wasteful spending on ads that do not reach prospective customers. The fully deployed IVT dataset has further served S4M by filtering non-human sources from its ad impressions and clicks, of which the company discovered about 4% of each to be problematic. S4M has also been able to identify publishers delivering high percentages of bot traffic, allowing it to reallocate ad spend toward those publishers proven to supply higher quality traffic.

“The insights and capabilities yielded by zvelo’s IVT dataset have proven invaluable to S4M, both in our day-to-day efforts to identify ad fraud in our campaigns and to uphold our commitment to our clients,” said Christophe Collet, CEO of S4M. “Our technology is dedicated to staying ahead of fraud as it becomes increasingly sophisticated. This partnership with zvelo helps us to guarantee true ad engagements for our intended audiences.”

“S4M sets a powerful example, proving the accomplishments and accolades that an ad tech provider can achieve with accurate and detailed knowledge of who – or what – are truly the active sources within advertising data,” said Jeff Finn, CEO of zvelo. “We’re proud of the effective ways in which S4M has enlisted our IVT dataset to achieve success, and look forward to working alongside the company as it continues to grow.”

About zvelo, Inc.

As a leading provider of content categorization and malicious detection data services for web pages, devices and traffic, zvelo is the trusted partner for the market’s preeminent ad tech, network security, and mobile service provider/subscriber analytics vendors. zvelo solves a diverse range of business needs including providing the foundational datasets for web filtering, parental controls, brand safety, contextual targeting, subscriber analytics, and ad fraud prevention.

zvelo, headquartered just outside of Denver, is committed to providing the market’s highest quality data products and best responsiveness. The company has additional offices in the Philippines.

About S4M

S4M (Success for Mobile) is an innovative mobile advertising company, and the only technology platform today with MRC accreditations for post-ad measurements in mobile browsers and apps. Our mission is to deliver mobile ads that provide genuine personalized content for each individual user. We guarantee our clients full visibility into campaign insights from impression to conversion. The S4M programmatic technology guarantees MRC accredited standards and impressions and landing pages that are 100% loaded + 1 second followed by real clicks, and post-click engagements.

Founded in 2011 by mobile marketing pioneers, we now service more than 500 advertisers around the world. S4M is headquartered in Paris with over 130 employees and ten offices worldwide in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Discover more: http://www.s4m.io.

CLARIFICATION: Concerning the press release originally issued on July 12th, 2017 announcing S4M’s partnership with zvelo, S4M seeks to clarify any misunderstandings regarding the Media Rating Council (MRC). zvelo has not been audited or accredited with the Media Rating Council. S4M’s technology undergoes an annual audit with the MRC in order to renew its accreditation.