A Layer of Chaos in Your Company

The Ad Tech industry is fast paced and downright demanding. This you already know. Lots of software has been put in place to help with the day-to-day operations of your company, for project management, sales, marketing, and more. This helps teams get organized, keep projects on point, and ultimately keep clients happy. But that software only covers a small part of work that actually happens everyday. Let’s dive deeper.

For some work, it’s easy to define where it should live in your app ecosystem. If the task relates to a client project, put it in the related project in the project management software. If it relates to a sales lead, put it in the CRM under that contact. This type of work is pretty simple to identify, assign, and organize. It’s most likely well documented in your internal processes, whether that’s on paper or simply known by every employee.

Let’s take a look at a couple cases where it may not be so easy to decide where a task should go:

  1. A manager needs a team member to update a piece of documentation
  2. An employee needs to order more business cards
  3. A manager needs to ask another department head to review a document
  4. HR needs every employee to complete the new benefit enrollment form

Think about all the tasks that happen at your company what don’t relate directly to projects or clients. They are internal, but where should they go? You have a couple options:

  1. Send them an email
  2. Send them a message over chat
  3. Track them down and tell them (the old water cooler talk)
  4. Call them

You probably see many of these things happening around you right now. The problem is that these methods waste time, are not consistent, and cause more work in the long run. When’s the last time you sent a task in an email to someone and wondered if they opened it, let alone read it? Or asked someone to do something and wondered if they wrote it down?

The burden essentially gets put back on you. You wonder if they captured your request, then you have to remember to follow-up after some time passes, and repeat that process over and over again until the task finally gets done. Imagine that happening across 50 or 100 employees. This is the layer of chaos I mentioned at the top of this post.

In fact, according to a recent McKinsey report, today’s workforce spends 61% of their time managing work rather than doing it. That’s a ridiculous amount of time wasted.

Luckily, you have an option to help solve this problem. Rindle.

Rindle is a unified task management application that is designed specifically to handle tasks that don’t have a home in your company. With Rindle you can:

  1. Send tasks directly to anyone in your company
  2. Mass assign the same task to many people
  3. Assigned tasks go directly to each person’s task list. No project set up or sharing needed.
  4. Track task engagement and follow through

Rindle helps employees communicate tasks and action items to each other, managers to their team, and even company wide tasks to all employees.

Finally put an end to the chaos!

Learn more about Rindle and our Business Pilot Program