Videa Sees Strong Momentum In Growing Local TV Ad Market

Reveals Plans to Address Rising Demand

NEW YORK – Videa, a supply-side platform for automated television advertising, revealed the strong momentum the company is seeing in the local TV ad market. In their first year of business, over 300 orders have been transacted, resulting in an average campaign spend of $277K by brands and 900 percent growth in the second half of 2017 versus the first half. This growth has been driven by Videa’s ability to transact with more than 1,100 agencies through its integrations with Mediaocean and Strata, with a significant portion of orders placed by agencies within the top five major holding companies throughout the U.S.

“The rising interest in local TV advertising has been great this year and looking ahead to 2018, this space is pacing on track to see significant growth”

Building on this success, Videa is now live in 15 of the Nielsen top 20 DMAs across the U.S. Additionally, the company boasts annual and quarterly forward reserve sales from six of the top ten ad categories including retail, financial services, automotive, insurance, restaurants and travel and tourism.

“The rising interest in local TV advertising has been great this year and looking ahead to 2018, this space is pacing on track to see significant growth,” said Shereta Williams, president of Videa. “Now in more than 90 markets, with 186 stations we are projected to reach 100M households with 757B annual impressions by the end of the year. I’m proud of where Videa is in relation to the needs of our advertisers and marketers and look forward to seeing the company grow as a front runner for programmatic linear TV adoption in the year ahead.”

The news of Videa’s growth comes on the heels of its recent integration with Strata, a leader in ad buying software for small- to mid-sized agencies. The partnership brings new demand to local broadcast TV and enables thousands of media buyers to easily purchase Videa’s inventory of full-schedule, local television advertising, while keeping their buying workflow efficient.

In addition to its expansion plans for the remainder of the year, Videa is gearing up to launch its 2018 political offering, and continue expanding new demand integrations and data partnerships that enable broadcasters to optimize how they sell their local inventory.

About Videa

Videa is the leading automated TV marketplace that is pioneering the way full schedule, local television advertising spots are bought and sold. Through its supply-side platform, Videa provides buyers with direct access to broadcast station advertising inventory, enabling advertisers, agencies and marketers to purchase media buys – within seconds and up to a year in advance. Videa can work with any traffic system or demand side buying platform, aligning with the unique needs of each TV station’s sales strategy. Owned by Cox Media Group, Videa was founded in January 2014. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Videa, visit