Crossix Launches Audience Fusion™ to Unlock Full Power of Health Programmatic Offering

Crossix has enhanced its market-leading programmatic solution, allowing marketers to more precisely reach target audiences by connecting consumer and healthcare professional (HCP) data

NEW YORK – Crossix announced the launch of Crossix Audience Fusion™, the next evolution of its best-in-class programmatic audience offering. Building upon its market-leading targeting solution, Crossix has added enhanced capabilities, combining health data with clients’ healthcare professional (HCP) target list data to help healthcare marketers reach more qualified audiences across the full digital media landscape, at scale and with greater precision.

“Through Crossix’s programmatic segments, we’ve helped our clients reach the right health audiences both effectively and efficiently”

“Through Crossix’s programmatic segments, we’ve helped our clients reach the right health audiences both effectively and efficiently,” said Samantha Simoneaux, Associate Media Director, at Good Apple. “By using enhanced models to discover qualified health audiences, we can target hard-to-find populations and optimize our media strategies accordingly.”

Powered by Crossix’s Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology, this unprecedented approach is the only solution that enables healthcare advertisers to reach precisely targeted consumers that are also likely to be patients of target HCPs.

Crossix has been a proven force in the programmatic space for years, continually bringing innovative, privacy-safe targeting techniques to market, while connecting a broad range of data sets to offer the most comprehensive targeting solutions for healthcare marketers. Over 275 unique brand campaigns and billions of digital media impressions have been optimized using hundreds of Crossix’s model-driven audience segments.

“We are very excited to bring this next phase of our programmatic targeting to the marketplace,” said Dan Stein, SVP, Product Strategy, at Crossix. “Clients are always looking for scalable options that are even more precise than what they use today. With Crossix Audience Fusion, clients can be even more confident that the right message gets to the right individuals, driving better health outcomes.”

Crossix audience segments derive from models that use consumer data (i.e., demo, geo, and lifestyle variables) to determine the combination and weighting of consumer variables most closely correlated with the likelihood to perform a specific health behavior, such as treating within a condition category or with a specific drug brand. These audience segments are then fused with clients’ HCP target lists and applied to a given online audience to identify those with the highest treatment propensities. Crossix never uses an individual’s actual health data or online behavior in the application of the models for media targeting purposes.

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Crossix empowers healthcare companies and companies that care about health to plan, measure and optimize their marketing and communication initiatives. Fueled by its Distributed Data Network (DDN) technology and the industry’s most comprehensive set of health and non-health data, which encompasses more than 250 million U.S. consumers, Crossix analytics inform strategic decisions, maximize business results, and drive improved patient outcomes. Crossix connects Rx, OTC, CPG, clinical, medical claims, hospital, consumer and media data with best-in-class privacy safeguards far exceeding HIPAA requirements. Through an unrivaled commitment to innovation and first-of-their-kind partnerships, Crossix offers an expansive suite of audience and media optimization solutions across programmatic advertising, addressable TV, mobile marketing, search, Point of Care, and beyond. Founded in 2004, Crossix is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit