Choozle Releases Contextual Keyword Capabilities in Partnership with Grapeshot to Contend with Search Advertising Budgets

Keyword-Focused Content Targeting Tool for Display, Mobile and Video Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

DENVER – Choozle, a self-serve programmatic advertising platform based in Denver, in partnership with Grapeshot, the Contextual Intelligence platform, announced the release of a contextual keyword targeting tool to use within campaigns on the Choozle platform. Built for programmatic advertising, the contextual keyword targeting tool is a self-serve offering that will empower agencies and brands to provide more relevant targeting to a wider, keyword-based audience at lower costs than pay-per-click models such as Google AdWords.

“Enabling contextual categorization across Choozle’s self-serve platform allows its users to extend their search strategies into display and other programmatic activation layers”

Choozle is leveraging Grapeshot’s platform to develop its Contextual Keyword Targeting Library that allows advertisers to upload keywords and match those keywords to relevant content within programmatic advertising campaigns. Similar to search advertising where advertisers attempt to reach their customers as they are looking for products or services, this targeting strategy enables advertisers to target based on keywords within the content of a website. In addition, this tool will enable advertisers with brand protection capabilities, allowing advertisers to blacklist specific keywords and proactively filter out negative keywords associated with a brand.

“As media budgets continue to scale to online channels, advertisers are looking to scalable and effective strategies to reach their desired audience,” said Jeffrey Finch, chief product officer at Choozle. “While many advertisers are making use of behavioral first and third-party data, contextual keyword targeting is another powerful strategy that can help them match their ads to the best consumers based on the actual words on a website at a much lower cost than search advertising.”

Inside of the Contextual Keyword Targeting Library, Choozle users will be able to upload 20-40 desired keywords to target or block. Once keywords are selected, sites with available advertising placements are vetted and analyzed through using Grapeshot’s platform and the most important keywords on those pages are identified. Grapeshot’s probabilistic algorithm is then implemented to define and to categorize the page and the impression.

“Enabling contextual categorization across Choozle’s self-serve platform allows its users to extend their search strategies into display and other programmatic activation layers,” said Ryan McBride, VP, Platform Partnerships. “Grapeshot is helping Choozle provide best in class contextual keyword relevancy and brand safety across all of their advertisers’ global digital advertising initiatives.”

These improvements to the platform were added to Choozle’s suite of offerings based on direct feedback from customers, as well as an effort to keep flexible and self-serve campaign management a priority. By releasing this tool to users, Choozle is further displaying its commitment to keeping the paramount and most effective targeting tactics available to its users.

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Grapeshot empowers the world’s most iconic brands to bring relevance to every customer experience. With its proprietary Contextual Intelligence platform and living insights into 4.5 Billion pages across the internet, Grapeshot identifies where brands should be and when, transforming digital content into actionable data and then attributing these campaign instances to revenue-driving behaviors. With solutions for predictive targeting, brand safety, and audience enrichment, advertisers like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and Verizon leverage the power of Grapeshot to improve media efficiency, increase customer engagement and boost brand perception with their intended audiences.

It has been named “Digiday’s Best Publisher Tool” and “Best Attribution Solution for Keyword Signal,” The Drum’s “Best Attribution Solution,” and the British Media Awards’ “Ad Provider of the Year,” among other honors.

Grapeshot was established in 2004 and has offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Cambridge, Singapore, and Beijing.

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