Audio-On-Demand Leader Acast Adopts AdsWizz Ad Serving Solution, Strengthening Its Offering for Advertisers

Acast enhances Advertising offering with demographic targeting capabilities through AdsWizz Technology Solution

New York, NY – Leading audio-on-demand technology company Acast announced they are adopting the AdsWizz Ad Server, AudioServe, to power audio ad campaign management and optimization for its platform.  Acast adopted the AdsWizz SSP, AudioMax, last July to enable programmatic buying for its advertisers, and is extending and enhancing their offering for advertisers with the AdsWizz ad serving solution.

Acast was the first audio-on-demand company to introduce programmatic buying on its platform when the company adopted AudioMax last summer.  The new audio ad serving solution enables Acast to holistically manage both their direct and programmatic sales capabilities, taking full advantage of AudioServe’s advanced demographic and audio-centric targetting capabilities, as well as enhanced inventory forecasting.  It also enables the ability to create campaigns using new interactive audio ad formats.

“AdsWizz is a great partner,” said Ross Adams, Acast’s Chief Executive Officer.  “With their advanced ad serving suite, we can offer a more robust solution for our advertisers, as well as our podcasters, while providing a targeted, more relevant listening experience for our users.”

Podcast listening – and advertising – is becoming mainstream. Podcast advertising grew 85% in 2017 after a 74% surge in 2016, and podcast advertising revenues are projected to exceed $500M by 2020.  The AdsWizz suite of software solutions is uniquely able to power the podcast explosion, with its comprehensive digital audio advertising platform that enables dynamic ad insertion and ad management, and programmatic buying.

AudioServe is an audio-centric campaign management and trafficking solution that enables publishers and ad networks to address specific challenges for audio ad management.  Trafficking teams can easily create, monitor, optimise, and monetise audio inventory in real time.  Sales managers gain new insights into forecasted inventory that will be available.

“We’re thrilled that Acast, a market leader, has chosen to use our ad serving solution to power monetization for their platform,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz.  “We are at the early stages of a rapidly growing podcast market, and are excited that our technology is powering such an innovative solution, benefitting Acast’s advertisers and content creators alike.”

The solution is available on the Acast platform today.

About AdsWizz

AdsWizz has created the end-to-end technology platform that is powering the digital audio advertising ecosystem. AdsWizz powers well-known music platforms, podcasts and broadcasting groups worldwide with a comprehensive digital audio software suite of solutions that connect audio publishers to the advertising community. From dynamic ad insertion to advanced programmatic platforms to innovative new audio formats, AdsWizz efficiently connects buyers and sellers in digital audio. AdsWizz is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an IT Development hub in Bucharest, Romania, and presence in 39 countries.

About Acast

Acast is the world’s leading technology infrastructure for audio on demand and podcasts. Founded in 2014 by Karl Rosander and Mans Ulvestam, Acast is a free-to-use technology platform connecting listeners, podcast creators and advertisers in a fully integrated, one-stop shop. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, and has offices in London, New York City, Los Angeles, and Sydney. The Acast app is available for download from the Microsoft Store, iTunes and Google Play.