Videa’s TV Advertising Platform Gains Speed Ahead of NAB

Announces New Developments to Address the Evolving Needs of Advertisers and Broadcasters

NEW YORK – Videa, an online marketplace for automated television advertising, announced new developments for its cloud-based platform, that will further advance broadcast and advertising capabilities across the local TV ecosystem. Videa’s developments and momentum, come just one week before the NAB Show in Las Vegas, where the media, entertainment and technology community will gather to discuss breakthrough solutions that are helping to shape the future of television and entertainment.

“With more than a year of experience transacting with agencies, brands and stations we’re very excited to have made such strides in our platform”

Videa’s significant platform developments that are helping to address the needs of broadcasters and advertisers, include:

  • The ability for stations to monetize their inventory and transact with Videa either with, or without, direct traffic access
  • A new managed services capability that extends the sales role to let reps, local account executives (AEs) and other sellers manage transactions
  • Buyers can transact for spot TV inventory across multiple markets at one time through the systems they use today. Videa is the only automated supply-side platform seamlessly integrated with both Mediaocean and Freewheels Advertisers (formerly Strata) – resulting in demand from over 1,100 agencies and 7,500 media buyers.
  • And now buyers and sellers can make quicker in-flight decisions and auto-post campaign results with Videa’s reporting and analytics

“With more than a year of experience transacting with agencies, brands and stations we’re very excited to have made such strides in our platform,” said Shereta Williams, president of Videa. “These updates enable us to do better work with buyers and sellers to deliver automated workflow processes that allow advertisers to reach local audiences at scale, while enabling broadcasters to maximize their inventory and focus on creating value for viewers and advertisers.”

Videa has now seen more than 1,800 orders placed with orders up to $1.4M. These orders have been placed with more than 50 agencies active in key vertical categories including automotive, quick service restaurants, healthcare, retail, grocery, consumer goods, regional sports, motion picture and cable market sectors. Videa is also live in more than 100 markets including 41 of the top 50 across the U.S. with an average reach of approximately 90 percent of consumers, across 70 million households and 534 billion annual impressions.

About Videa

Videa is the leading automated TV marketplace that is pioneering the way full schedule, local television advertising spots are bought and sold. Through its platform, Videa provides buyers with direct access to broadcast station advertising inventory, enabling advertisers, agencies and marketers to purchase media buys – within seconds and up to a year in advance. Videa can work with any traffic system or demand side buying platform, aligning with the unique needs of each TV station’s sales strategy. Owned by Cox Media Group, Videa was founded in January 2014. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Videa, visit