PremiumMedia360 Launches GIA Cloud to Fully Automate Ad Buying and Selling for TV Stations, Networks and Agencies

AI-powered, cloud-based data management solution unleashes the
full potential of TV advertising by automating the transactional process

NEW YORK – PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, debuted the world’s first intelligent, open-source transactional data management platform for linear TV advertising: Guidance Intelligent Assistant® (GIA) Cloud. The AI-powered SaaS solution acts as a universal translator that cost effectively integrates with 100 percent of existing media software platforms, to reformat, automate and synchronize the data flow in TV media sales transactions. After more than six years in development, followed by rigorous testing with a number of agencies, GIA Cloud has proven its readiness for mass industry adoption.

Advertising agencies and media inventory owners are scrambling to find an affordable, effective way to move linear TV into the future with advanced automation capabilities. Television advertising buyers and sellers spend significant time mired in error-prone manual reconciliation and makegoods, creating data quality issues and drastic inefficiencies. Automation means linear TV ad campaigns can get on-air in hours, not weeks, bringing linear TV back into the consideration set for advertisers who may not be able to use linear TV advertising today.

To address quality issues and inefficiencies associated with manual reconciliation, the GIA Cloud platform’s AI technology merges with agency first party campaign data to automatically inspect, find and correct errors, and fill in the media partner reports’ missing information.

PremiumMedia360 allows open APIs into its GIA Cloud platform, which means other data players in the media industry – when permissioned by stations, networks and agencies – can access the data, enhance it, and create new products to support further industry innovation.

“PremiumMedia360 has worked towards a vision where, with a single data connection, the TV media industry’s multiple software platforms can easily communicate, exchange data and transport information. We’ve developed a simple, easy-to-implement solution that benefits both ad agencies and media partners, allowing them to transform the way linear TV advertising is bought and sold,” said John Bowser, CEO, PremiumMedia360. “With programmatic automation, linear TV advertising can remain a highly viable part of the consideration set for advertisers who demand performance from their television campaigns within hours, not weeks.”

About PremiumMedia360

PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, provides seamless data synchronization and data connectivity between ad agencies and media company partners. Its intelligent, open-source data management platform, Guidance Intelligent Assistant (GIA) Cloud, integrates with all media software systems to synchronize advertising data, making it more reliable and error-free. Acting as a universal translator, GIA Cloud has reformatted, automated and synchronized the data flow of more than $1 billion dollars in TV media sales to date. To learn more, visit