Creative Clicks Taps Protected Media to Eliminate Ad Fraud

Protected Media’s technology brings transparency and peace of mind to Creative Click’s supply and demand side partners who benefit from fraud-free traffic and advertising

New York, NY – Creative Clicks, the world’s leading data-driven marketing platform for mobile and beyond, has implemented Protected Media’s fraud detection and prevention solutions to clean up their ad inventory and validate publisher traffic. In their quest to guarantee agencies with top quality audiences, Creative Clicks is leveraging Protected Media’s full anti-fraud suite.

With the attention of international cyber criminals shifting towards exploiting the complex ad tech ecosystem, Creative Clicks is taking a stand by ensuring that their customers are buying real views and interactions and not bot traffic. By cleaning up their part of the ecosystem, Creative Clicks is sending a clear message to their customers that they’re committed to providing a safe and auditable environment for publishers and advertisers alike. Protected Media’s solution for advertisers and publishers provides multi-layered ad fraud detection and prevention, to accurately identify the source of bad traffic at the most granular level.

“Protected Media provides fraud detection with an unprecedented level of granularity,” said Michal Ivry, Director of Video & Native Advertising at Creative Clicks. “We provide transparency and effectiveness to our customers and Protected Media empowers us to expand this to our traffic quality.”

“Creative Clicks is a great partner for us because they understand that transparency and cleaning up inventory is a prerequisite for providing their supply and demand partners with significant ROI,” said Amichai Zuntz, EVP Sales at Protected Media. “We leverage a number of methodologies including AI and machine learning as well as traditional network security techniques and we are really pleased to see that we can provide organizations like Creative Clicks with holistic ad fraud protection.”

About Creative Clicks
Creative Clicks is the world’s leading data-driven marketing platform for mobile and beyond. We provide our clients – brands, marketers and publishers – with KPI-driven marketing solutions including social and search, video, native and display, supply at a massive scale via our strong network of 36,000 partners.  Beyond our automated machine learning technology, our team uncovers insights based on audience, user and campaign data learned from thousands of campaigns. Growing every year since our founding in 2009, our team of 150 serve 1,000 clients from seven offices across three continents available 24/7. For more about Creative Clicks, visit:

About Protected Media
Protected Media’s solutions enable buyers and sellers of digital advertising to ensure that display mobile and video ads are properly located, visible, and seen by real people.  Protected Media’s technology provides in-depth information at the impression level to detect problematic traffic so agencies can work side by side with publishers to identify and eliminate suspicious activity to dramatically increase overall ad quality. For more information visit