Launch of Nativo Version 3 Coaxes Open Web Monetization from Display to Native

A major update of Nativo’s core technology for open web publishers simplifies inventory management, streamlines brand content creation and approval workflows, and provides increased control over yield optimization strategies with low latency.

LOS ANGELES – Nativo, the leading distribution, monetization, and analytics platform for brand content and native formats, announced the launch of Nativo v3, a major update of its unified ad serving and supply side technologies. Nativo v3 features powerful new toolsets and workflows that arm publishers of the open web with the ability to consolidate demand sources and in-feed formats while empowering them with a full range of auction strategies to support their unique business objectives.

“Having the ability to access and prioritize a variety of premium demand sources within one centralized platform is a game changer for publishers,” said Jason Tate, Director of Programmatic Partnership Development at Digital First Media, a publication group of premium titles including The Denver Post. “Prior to now, inefficiencies associated with traditional waterfall solutions made it difficult to get the most out of our inventory. Nativo’s platform helps us implement the ideal monetization strategy to better drive our revenue goals.”

Nativo v3 features user-friendly frameworks that decrease the effort required to manage time-consuming tasks associated with in-feed inventory monetization and content creation. Newly built demand channel prioritization tools eliminate limitations of the linear “waterfall.” Publishers can now precisely control how their direct-sold campaigns, server-side demand, and client-side exchanges and bidders compete for available impressions using configurable auction prioritization and pricing parameters. Leveraging a unified reporting suite, publishers also have access to powerful data insights to help inform current and future native optimization strategies.

“Nativo v3 was built specifically to increase revenue, control, and efficiency for publishers,” said Oded Cohen, CTO for Nativo. “An informed interface, powerful yield management tools, and centrally controlled demand means that publishers can more expertly execute direct sold campaigns and optimize client-side and server-side demand.”

Nativo v3 is the culmination of nine months of new development and thoughtful improvements in usability and productivity. Among the many updates is a newly revamped content library that simplifies content creation and approvals for advertisers and publishers alike. It features a centralized brand content hub to upload and manage creative assets, collaborate with internal and external stakeholders using platform messaging, and track the status of creative approvals. This tool transforms a laborious content creation process into one of cohesion and efficiency; giving publishers more confidence to increase their direct sold efforts.

Visit this blog post for more information or to schedule a live Nativo v3 demonstration.

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