H Code Connects Brands with US Hispanics Through Award-Winning High Impact, Custom Creative Executions

LOS ANGELES – H Code, the leader in digital advertising for the US Hispanic market, is making waves with its award-winning, in-house creative team, delivering fresh custom, high-performance campaigns. H Code has helped over 150 brands reach US Hispanics at scale by leveraging its 30+ unique proprietary rich media ad units built for brand advertising, which are tailored specifically to H Code’s robust network of 350 premium Hispanic publishers from LATAM, Spain, and the US.

[email protected] Connects Brands with US Hispanics Through Award-Winning High Impact, Custom Creative Executions #advertising #hispanicmarketing #UShispanic

“Reaching the nation’s fastest growing and most influential US consumer demographic can be challenging for brands, because they are bilingual and have different levels of US acculturation,” said Leo Buyukgural, Senior Digital Producer & Creative Product Manager at H Code. “To add further difficulty, the Hispanic media market is fragmented and severely underserved with very few digital destinations of any scale. With more communication platform options available than ever before, brands looking to build relationships with US Hispanic consumers must be able to relay the right message, at the right time, and deliver it in the most engaging way at scale.”

H Code’s innovative rich media ad units have proven to be an effective way for brands to reach US Hispanic consumers while showcasing a strong brand message. While standard media ads can easily get lost in the clutter, H Code’s high impact media ads improve the ad experience and break through the content creatively. H Code’s ad units boast viewability numbers between 65-90% and click-through rates between 1-3%. They can be personalized and tracked to measure behavioral intent to significantly improve conversions, click-throughs, and view rates.

H Code’s in-house creative ad capabilities include dynamic creative messaging, exclusive customized high impact placements (adhesions, interstitials, interactive pushdowns, interactive sidekick, scroller units, premium standard video, native units, native video, vertical video), localization capabilities, A/B testing with language, in-culture messaging, custom non-standard rich media ad units, and 360 degree video.

“Brands in close collaboration with their media & creative agencies are increasingly turning to H Code as the #1 US Hispanic comScore entity for Authentic Hispanic Reach to create genuine, relatable creative content for the highly coveted Hispanic demographic at scale—not just repurposing assets and straight translations,” said Parker Morse, CEO and founder of H Code. “It is imperative to think about distribution when considering the most effective creative mix, which we do better than anyone else in the market with our collaboration with agencies and brands. Our in-house team of creatives continue to amaze with culturally-relevant translations and adaptations that optimize campaign effectiveness and resonates with the Hispanic market while showcasing a brand’s story in their own voice. Through our custom turnkey creative executions, we can effectively target, reach, and influence US Hispanics better than anyone.”

This news comes on the heels of H Code’s recent launch of a new division called H Code Studio—a full-service content studio combining the identity of a brand, the storytelling of a production house, and the scale of a digital platform. H Code leverages custom created ad units to amplify H Code Studio-led branded content and social influencer campaigns.

H Code’s creative team was the recipient of the Mosaic Award for multiethnic interactive media for its work with US Marines and Home Depot in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

About H Code

Founded in 2015, H Code is the #1 US Hispanic comScore entity for Authentic Hispanic Reach. The company connects advertisers with the highly sought-after US Hispanic audience through a combination of targetable datasets (science) and exemplary creative executions (art). Through its platform, H Code effectively targets, reaches, and influences US Hispanics better than anyone else in the industry. Through its premium inventory, H Code develops and delivers impactful creative along with amplified integrated marketing experiences. Key clients include Target, Honda, Ford, Ulta Beauty, Chase, McDonald’s, Live Nation, Kaiser Permanente, and Lincoln.