Acast Becomes First Podcast Company to Offer Personalization in Podcast Advertising

Acast partners with A Million Ads, launching first personalised podcast campaign with iD Mobile

Acast – the world’s leading digital audio and voice technology company – today announces the first personalized podcast ads powered by A Million Ads to offer the service across its global network of more than 125 million monthly listens and nearly 3,000 podcasts.

By combining advertiser messaging with data like the weather, time of day, location, show name, show category, or device type, Acast is able to bring a unique ad experience to each listener of a podcast. Everything from the voiceover to the sound effects and music of each ad is customized by data from each user’s digital footprint. This personalization can create thousands of unique combinations that can be used to target the right message to the right podcast fan.

iD Mobile in the UK is the first brand to serve an advert this way on Acast. iD Mobile is targeting listeners all over the UK from Bristol to Belfast listening to comedy podcasts, as “official comedy podcast partner”. Their ad copy will call out different cities based on where the listener is, different deals depending on what they’ve heard before, different messaging depending on when they’re listening and different podcast names based on what show the listener is hearing. Overall this creates 23,100 different possible versions of the advert, and Acast selects the right one for each podcast listener.

Lewis Henry, Head of Customer and Marketing at iD Mobile said: “We pride ourselves on listening to and serving our customers’ individual needs, having delivered features and plans based on what customers have told us in the past they want from their mobile network.  The chance to extend this by serving them bespoke adverts around their chosen comedy podcasts is a brilliant opportunity. Partnering with Acast to launch the first personalised podcast advertising campaign has allowed us to truly tailor our messaging to customers at the busiest time of the year.”

Part of Acast’s mission to is make podcast advertising a great experience for everyone. In 2014 when Acast was started, the company pioneered dynamically inserted advertising, a tool which revolutionised the delivery of podcast ads. Dynamic insertion brought advertisers the ability to make their ads more targeted and relevant, improving the listener experience. Now, Acast is continuing to innovate and move the industry forward through the first ever personalized podcast ad offering, by partnering with the most innovative and market-leading players.

Oskar Serrander, Acast’s Chief Commercial Officer said “Podcasting is so unique because listeners are more engaged than in any other medium. Making ads fit that super-intimate experience is crucial for advertisers to be successful, and for us to make ads as effective as they can be. We are proud to be the first to offer personalized ads with A Million Ads in a way that podcasters, advertisers, and listeners will love.”

Steve Dunlop, Founder and CEO of A Million Ads said “Podcasting is such an intimate and personal medium, so ad experiences in this environment need to be sensitive to that. We’ve built a tool and designed a creative approach that enables advertiser to respect each user by personalizing each ad to them. It’s great to be partnered with Acast and I look forward to driving innovation in podcast advertising together.”

About Acast

Acast is a data-driven company inventing the next generation of voice technology. Since 2014, Acast has been the engine powering audio for makers all over the world. At its core, Acast connects audio makers with the financial support they need to create amazing content while also delivering the audience they want. Acast works with podcasts globally including My Dad Wrote a Porno, The Adam Buxton Podcast, Värvet, Ask A Clean Person and The Football Ramble as well as those of publishers such as the Times, the Economist, Guardian, VICE and Vogue. As a global business, Acast has offices around the world from Stockholm to Sydney and a team of 100 talented audio lovers working diligently to create a sustainable audio and voice ecosystem to ensure that the audio industry continues to grow and flourish. Acast was founded by Karl Rosander and Mans Ulvestam together with co-founder Johan Billgren.

About A Million Ads

A Million Ads personalises digital audio advertising. Think music streaming ads that know what city you are in, or radio ads on your smart speaker that know if it’s raining outside. Our ads are more context aware and relevant to the listener, and so perform a lot better. We have delivered over 180 campaigns across Europe for brands including Sky, BMW, British Airways, Deliveroo, Carphone Warehouse, Virgin Atlantic and Nissan, are working with five out of the six major advertising agencies and have partnerships with all the major music streaming, internet radio and podcasting services around the world. We exist to make ads that you love. We do that by combining creativity in the production process with a tech platform that, powered by data, delivers the best ad at the right time for each user. Today we deploy our personalisation engine across digital audio and we are now extending that capability across many other channels, starting with video.

About iD Mobile

Launched in May 2015, iD Mobile UK is Carphone Warehouse’s 4G network operator. Its flexible 4G plans are amongst some of the best value in the UK. These range from great value SIM Only deals, to plans that include the very latest flagship smartphones.

iD Mobile UK is built around its customers and puts them firmly in control – they can cap their monthly spend, roll over unused data to the next month, and even roam like at home in 50 destinations at no extra cost. iD Mobile UK customers can manage their account online or by using the free smartphone app, where they can buy add-ons, and view their usage whilst they’re on the move. iD Mobile UK runs on the Three network.

About Dixons Carphone

Dixons Carphone plc is Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company, employing over 42,000 people in nine countries.

Focused on helping customers navigate the connected world, Dixons Carphone offers a comprehensive range of electrical and mobile products, connectivity and expert after-sales services from Team Knowhow.

Dixons Carphone’s primary brands include Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse and iD Mobile in the UK & Ireland, Elkjøp, Elkjøp Phonehouse, Elgiganten, Elgiganten Phone House, Gigantti in the Nordic countries, Kotsovolos in Greece, and Dixons Travel in a number of UK airports as well as Dublin and Oslo. Our key service brand is Team Knowhow in the UK, Ireland and the Nordics.

Business-to-business (B2B) services are provided through Connected World Services, Currys PC World Business and Carphone Warehouse Business.

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