New Report From Adjust Reveals Massive Global Impact of International Shopping Holidays

Singles’ Day, Black Friday and 12/12 Cross Global Boundaries, Create Blockbuster E-commerce Opportunity for Brands and Mobile App Publishers Across the U.S., Europe and Asia

San Francisco and Berlin –  – Adjust, the global mobile measurement and fraud prevention leader, revealed the results of its Black Friday and Singles’ Day E-commerce Report, analyzing the impact of the world’s biggest shopping days. The study shows that not only are consumers shopping and spending more on mobile during these shopping holidays – but they are doing so in more countries outside of their traditional strongholds, the US and China, creating a greenfield opportunity for brands and app marketers to engage consumers and drive revenue globally.

Singles’ Day a Catalyst for Mobile App Downloads and Mobile-based Purchases
Singles’ Day (11/11), a Chinese mainstay which has skyrocketed into the largest shopping day in the world, generated $30.8 billion in sales this year, more than the five-day U.S. holiday buying spree running from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, combined.

Adjust’s report reveals the vast majority of Singles’ Day transactions are made on a mobile device, with the holiday’s impact spreading throughout Southeast Asia — namely to Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. On November 11, 2017, 90% of shopping transactions were done via a mobile device, and those purchases spanned geographies. Countries in Southeast Asia saw between a 47-149% increase in app installs that day, and a 53% increase in sessions compared to the rest of the Q4 timeframe. In other words, more users across a broader geography downloaded new e-commerce apps on Singles’ Day, and they engaged at twice the rate they normally would.

Black Friday Triggers Big Mobile Shopping Transactions in Europe
Black Friday, by comparison, is estimated to have generated approximately $14 billion in online sales over the course of four days in 2017, and its impact has spread beyond borders too. In Europe, Black Friday shopping reached 143% more revenue spent via mobile versus average during the fourth quarter of 2017. Germany saw the biggest spike, at 176%, with Italy also embracing the traditional U.S. shopping day at 139%.

The Sleeper Hit: 12/12
The sequel to China’s Singles’ Day, 12/12, is worth marketers keeping an eye on. Invented to highlight smaller and medium-sized brands, its influence is extending across Asia – with huge increases in activity, installs, sessions and events across the Southeast region. For example, Indonesia is seeing almost 200% more installs on 12/12, as well as 136% more sessions. This makes the shopping day a great opportunity for app marketers, particularly those who love retargeting campaigns.

The new report forms part of Adjust’s aim to bring education and transparency to the mobile marketing ecosystem. The company’s easily accessible tools and resources aim to empower the market to tackle the most pertinent challenges faced in the industry – and give them the insights needed to scale their business globally.

About Adjust
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