Sizmek Advertising Suite Receives MRC Accreditation

SAS Platform is Now an MRC-Accredited Ad Server

LONDON — Sizmek, the world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform delivering impressions that inspire announced that the company has received accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the Sizmek Advertising Suite (SAS), the company’s new ad server. This accreditation covers impressions across display, video, mobile web and mobile in-app, for viewability across display, plus unique desktop.

Many of Sizmek’s customers have successfully upgraded to the new platform, which is designed for efficiency, speed and control.  By bringing together data, media and creative powered by AI, the new platform streamlines workloads, eliminates busywork and refocuses time on getting results for clients.

“We are very excited about accreditation for the Sizmek Advertising Suite,” said Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek. “This represents another milestone in becoming the independent leader in media, data and creative and strengthens our position as the largest global buy side stack. SAS is part of yet another product rollout following the successful launch of the new Sizmek DSP earlier this year.”

Sizmek is committed to providing agencies and advertisers with an independent, unbiased account of their digital marketing campaigns and has historically demonstrated that commitment through accreditation of many of its measurement and reporting services. In 2008, Sizmek’s predecessor company Eyeblaster also received MRC accreditation and the company has pursued accreditation annually since. The MRC works to ensure that measurement services are valid, reliable and effective and that MRC-accredited measurement services meet rigorous standards for quality and accuracy.

“Fully migrating our campaigns over to SAS was a simple process and we are pleased with how they are running, as well as the reporting functionality,” said Lauren Soule, Digital Content Manager, Mayo Performing Arts Center.   “With SAS, a lot of things take half as much time as they used to.”

“Our clients have told us that closed platforms and walled gardens are an obstacle to improving first-party data.  Additionally, walled gardens do not provide enough of the right data to effectively measure campaigns,” said Volker Hatz, Chief Data Officer at Sizmek.  “In response, we’re happy to offer a self-service, MRC-accredited, cross-device solution capable of offering raw data on the path to conversion with viewability and custom data points.”

About Sizmek
Sizmek is the world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform that creates impressions that inspire. In the digital world, creating impressions that inspire is vital to fostering relationships of trust with agencies and brand as well as building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers. Sizmek provides powerful, integrated solutions that enable data, creative, and media to work together for optimal campaign performance across the entire customer journey. Our AI-driven decisioning engine can identify robust insights within data across the five key dimensions of predictive marketing—campaigns, consumers, context, creative, and cost. We bring all the elements of our clients’ media plans together in one place to gain better understanding for more meaningful relationships, make every moment of interaction matter, and drive more value across the entire plan. Sizmek operates its platform in more than 70 countries, with local offices in many countries providing award-winning service throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and connecting more than 20,000 advertisers and 3,600 agencies to audiences around the world.