Tipalti Enables Seamless, Automated Publisher Payments for Ad Tech Companies

AppMonet, StackCommerce, mobileFUSED scale their payments processes to global partners

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Tipalti, the leading global payables automation platform, announced it has successfully streamlined mass payments for several additional Ad Tech customers including AppMonet, the independent container platform for publishers and app developers, StackCommerce, a native commerce platform for online publishers, and mobileFUSED, a leader in inbound mobile marketing. Ad tech is a competitive space with many providers vying for the same revenue. Digital media businesses looking to scale need advanced payments technology to ensure uninterrupted, globally-aware solutions for delivering a best-in-class payment experience for their publishers.


AppMonet addressed problems with mobile ad monetization by developing an in-app exchange framework to move billions of Real Time Bidding (RTB) auctions from data centers to mobile phones. Tipalti has helped AppMonet focus on their mission, by helping them easily onboard publishers and execute global payments to publishers anywhere in the world.

“We stuck with our manual payment process for a long time, because we were concerned about the challenges of migrating to a new system,” explains Jeffrey Wu, Senior Director of Operations at AppMonet. “But Tipalti was very easy to implement. We were able to start making payments to publishers in just two weeks. Plus, as our in-app ad technology grows, Tipalti provides us with a scalable, reliable, world-class payment platform to scale with our success.”


StackCommerce is a fully-integrated e-commerce solution driven by native content, a one-stop shop for publishers who want to engage in eCommerce but who don’t necessarily want to put forward their resources to run the shops themselves. Since using Tipalti, StackCommerce has crossed the milestone of $100 million in payouts to vendors and publisher partners.

“We use Tipalti for a core function of our business,” says Goran da Silva, Vice President of Finance, HR & Legal Operations at StackCommerce. “Our business model relies on the payout process and helping vendors and publishers monetize. Partnering with Tipalti has added greater efficiency to this crucial part of our business.”


mobileFUSED is a leader in inbound mobile marketing with a focus exclusively on pay-per-call engagements. The company continues to grow internationally, using Tipalti to make payments in local currencies while preventing fraud to maintain positive relationships with advertisers.

“We continue to grow, and about 90% of our growth has been international,” says Wendy Welfelt, Director of Accounting and Finance at mobileFUSED. “Growth does come with its issues since paying people in international currency can be a pain, which is where Tipalti has come in to streamline everything. We also come across fraud in our industry, and Tipalti has provided the huge benefit of flagging suspicious activity quickly for us.”

“As ad tech companies grow and scale, they need to modernize their finance operations to easily onboard publishers, streamline communications with payees, and execute global payments while reducing tax, fraud, and regulatory compliance risk exposure. Digital media networks have a unique business model that requires expert attention. We are happy to be a part of their success,” said Chen Amit, CEO and co-founder of Tipalti.

For more information, visit https://tipalti.com.

About Tipalti:

Tipalti is the only payables automation solution to streamline all phases of the global publisher payables workflow in one holistic cloud platform. Tipalti makes it painless for finance departments to manage their entire AP and publisher payments operation. Leading companies use Tipalti to eliminate up to 80% of their payments workload, helping them scale their business efficiently with global growth, while strengthening financial and tax compliance controls. Hundreds of ad tech and media companies trust Tipalti to transform their supplier payment operations, including Twitch, Roku, Twitter, GoDaddy, Vungle, and Vimeo.