Thirdpresence Acquires Flowplayer to Fix Broken Video Monetization with Machine Learning

HELSINKI, Finland/Stockholm, Sweden – Thirdpresence, a programmatic video advertising company, has acquired video platform Flowplayer to develop a unified contextual video and advertising offering that helps advertisers achieve their branding objectives and improve the ability for premium publishers to monetize their content. The newly combined company will operate under the Flowplayer brand name and will be led by former Thirdpresence CEO Valtteri Pukander.

In today’s digital video advertising landscape, problems such as fraud, brand safety, and viewability are still a concern for brands and advertisers. Video fraud also has a knock-on effect for premium publishers and monetization, as the value of their inventory is diverted away from them.

Thirdpresence has developed a video advertising solution which solves these industry problems by applying proprietary artificial intelligence. Advertisers can match their branding objectives with large-scale video audiences in a safe and result-driven environment, while premium video publishers receive ad rates they deserve. The company holds the IAB UK Gold Standard, and their inventory is certified by key industry advertising groups such as TAG and MOAT, with billions of video advertising transactions taking place every day.

Acquiring Flowplayer’s video platform means that data which originates from the video player can be directly observed to deliver ads which benefit both parties and provide the best video experience possible for viewers.

“By applying contextual data analysis driven directly from the video player, we want to create the right video engagement metrics that give a true and meaningful overview for content owners. The combined solution uses newly created metadata directly from the video to improve the viewing experience through better video recommendations and advertisements,” says Valtteri Pukander. “Importantly, our purpose-built algorithms also help advertisers to reduce ad waste,” continues Pukander.

Used by publishers such as HBO, Universal, Televisa, and Disney, Flowplayer’s powerful yet lightweight video platform allows publishers to seamlessly implement video technology into their own environments and generate video insights and revenue in line with their business models.

“We are excited to join together and continue our quest to build the best video experience for audiences. We will now accelerate our offering in video analytics and intelligence so that publishers will enjoy better opportunities to generate revenue from their content,” adds Emanuel Viklund, CTO and former CEO of Flowplayer. “One of many examples is how ads are optimally placed within video content automatically and safely,” concludes Viklund.

In 2018, Flowplayer was recognized as the fastest growing audio, video, and media technology by SimilarWeb, growing its user base by 276%. Flowplayer has offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, New York, and London.

About Flowplayer
Founded in 2007, Flowplayer provides a video player and platform for digital media publishers to deliver superior video and live streaming experiences. The platform offers the fastest loading and most customizable video player, advanced real-time analytics, and the most sophisticated live streaming service. For more information, visit

About Thirdpresence
Founded in 2007, Thirdpresence is a leader in AI curated brand-safe in-app video advertising. The company serves the biggest brand advertisers with quality video advertising certified by key industry players such as TAG and MOAT. Video brand performance is driven by purpose-built programmatic AI and in-house technology.