Orb Intelligence and LiveRamp Partnership Unlocks International B2B Data-Driven Advertising Opportunities

Partnership is founded upon a mutual vision of revolutionizing business-to-business (B2B) marketing

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Orb Intelligence announced the public launch of their B2B Audience Targeting Solutions. The solutions combine Orb’s industry-leading international B2B data set with the largest independent identity graph, enabling marketers to build international B2B campaigns using GDPR compliant data across the digital ecosystem.

“Three significant trends are driving the use of programmatic media buying by B2B marketers. They are the ‘consumerization’ of the B2B buyer; an accelerating shift to ABM; and a growing awareness of what programmatic media buying is and how to use it”

Over the last 5 years, Orb Intelligence has built a reputation for providing high quality, firmographic data that has been used to enrich account records in CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Now agencies and brands will also be able to use Orb’s firmographic data for programmatic B2B advertising.

Through its strategic partnership with LiveRamp B2B, Orb has onboarded their comprehensive global firmographic data set of over 46 million active companies. This gives B2B marketers the unprecedented ability to programmatically target businesses internationally, across all industries, including small and mid-size (SMB) companies.

Orb’s taxonomy has over 400 B2B audience segments covering Firmographic, Technographic and Intelligent categories. In addition, marketers will also be able to build custom segments based on lists of target accounts, corporate IP addresses, and niche firmographic segment criteria, or by leveraging Orb’s proprietary lookalike models to target prospective customers.

Customers will be able to access Orb’s firmographic data through the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store for activation across the leading DSPs.

Alex Southworth, Orb’s Head of Business Development said, “B2B marketers should be very excited about this announcement, as this is the first time that they will have access to GDPR compliant data with this scale, that will enable them to accurately target businesses and easily execute B2B campaigns internationally. Historically this capability has been the preserve of dedicated ABM vendors who have invested in curating and onboarding their own proprietary data; With the help of LiveRamp, we’ve removed that barrier and opened up the capability to all B2B marketers.”

“Three significant trends are driving the use of programmatic media buying by B2B marketers. They are the ‘consumerization’ of the B2B buyer; an accelerating shift to ABM; and a growing awareness of what programmatic media buying is and how to use it”, according to the March 2017 Forrester report, Making Programmatic Advertising Work For B2B Businesses. The report also noted that, “for B2B marketers using programmatic advertising as an extension of account-based marketing, IP-based targeting is a critical capability to devise advertising tactics rooted in their broader marketing strategy.”

“B2B marketers seek high-quality firmographic and technographic audiences to power their global marketing initiatives, including Account Based Marketing, and measure the impact of their marketing spend,” said Pieter De Temmerman, COO of LiveRamp B2B. “We’re excited to be partnering with Orb Intelligence, bringing global scale and targeting capabilities to B2B marketers everywhere.”

“This new dataset is a crucial layer in being able to deliver scale to ABM-focused digital advertising programs, enabling B2B marketers to maximize penetration across a target set of accounts,” said Liam Blackwell, President at B2B QI, a B2B Digital Marketing Consultancy. “The ability to leverage Orb’s expansive global dataset to define, refine and ultimately target account lists based on firmographic analysis is an extremely useful tool in global ABM campaign design.”

About Orb Intelligence

Orb Intelligence is a global firmographic data provider (http://www.orb-intelligence.com/). Orb’s clients include some of the world’s largest enterprises and leading B2B sales and marketing solution providers.

Orb is focused on providing our clients with high quality information on companies, that are used across a number of use cases including CRM data enrichment, master data management, account based marketing and B2B predictive analytics. Orb’s proprietary database covers more than 46 million companies in over 150 markets.

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