TruSignal, Inc. Revamps TruAudience® Platform to Help Data Owners Unify, Enhance and Activate Data for Targeting and Monetization

Now data owners can tap into TruSignal’s TruAudience® Platform as an audience management system that includes a people-based identity graph, offline data, Custom Audience Builder and lookalike modeling.

SAN FRANCISCO — TruSignal, Inc., a leading predictive scoring and people-based marketing technology business, announced the launch of TruAudience® Platform 2.0. The platform’s overhaul features a refreshed user interface, a new audience building module and upgraded capacity that put audience creation and management at the platform’s forefront.

TruAudience® Platform 2.0 is live! Now TruSignal’s innovative approach to offline data, AI-powered predictive scoring and omnichannel distribution is accessible to data owners to help monetize data at scale for revenue growth.

As an audience management system for data owners, the platform unifies and enhances first-party data to improve audience targeting and monetization. This is accomplished via a people-based martech stack that includes TruSignal’s artificial intelligence (AI), lookalike modeling based on offline data, KPI-based audience creation and audience distribution to more than 400 connection points across the martech ecosystem.

“Data and audience management leveraging cutting-edge technology like AI have really come to a head in the martech landscape,” said TruSignal CEO and Founder David Dowhan. “But we saw a gap in terms of delivering ease, speed, transparency and capacity to leverage data and technology at the scale needed by data owners. That’s why we’re introducing the TruAudience Platform 2.0.”

Martech analysts report U.S. marketers will continue to increase marketing technology investments, focusing on data, ad tech and marketing automation. These investments confirm the need across the data ecosystem for a comprehensive, flexible toolset that plugs easily into existing workflows and leverages the right data and technology to make smarter, faster marketing decisions at scale.

Data owners uniquely leverage TruSignal’s identity graph to upload data segments to the platform, creating a library that can continually be refreshed. With the platform’s new Custom Audience Builder module, data owners can easily unify, enhance and activate their data for monetization.

Custom Audience Builder features include a simple interface to search, discover and use Boolean logic to combine first- and third-party data segments. In addition to their own data, data owners have the option to tap into TruSignal’s thousands of pre-built Specialized Audiences covering major industries, including automotive, business, financial services and more.

Data owners can get a glimpse of the breadth and depth of TruSignal’s offline data by generating insights reports for every data upload and created audience to see more than 360 audience insights.

The TruAudience® Platform can also combine a data owner’s first-party data with TruSignal’s offline data to build predictive lookalike models in hours. These lookalike models leverage AI and multiple machine learning algorithms to calculate a score for 247 million U.S. adults that pinpoint more people who are likely to convert.

Through TruSignal’s integrations, lookalike and custom audiences can be distributed at scale across desktop, mobile, video, social, native and advanced TV and radio.

About TruSignal, Inc.

TruSignal, Inc. is an innovative leader in people-based marketing technology for Fortune 500 brands, agencies, platforms, publishers and data owners. TruSignal uses predictive scoring, powered by artificial intelligence, to make big data actionable for one-to-one addressable marketing. TruSignal delivers incredible results by pinpointing the best people to target at scale and optimizing the bid price for every impression. This is all accomplished through the TruAudience® Platform, which combines a robust deterministic identity graph, a massive third-party data set, an advanced AI engine with multiple machine learning algorithms, extensive people-based, omnichannel ID matching technology and a robust set of integration APIs that fuel powerful insights, custom audience building, lookalike audiences, audience expansion and bid price optimization solutions that are easy, accurate, scalable and fast.