Shopify Launches Native Ad-Buying Functions with Snapchat and Facebook

Shopify has announced that merchants on their platform will have access to two new native ad-buying functions: Facebook dynamic ads and Story Ads on Snapchat.

For DTC brands, marketing is an extremely important part of reaching and engaging with potential customers. For this reason, Shopify launched a new section last year dedicated to helping merchants in the same space they already manage their stores.

The two new functions, which will begin to roll out over the next few weeks, join the commerce platform’s list of existing integrations, including carousel ads on Facebook and Google Smart shopping campaigns.

Michael Perry, Director of Product, Marketing Technology, said:

“Marketing is a challenge for most entrepreneurs. Shopify makes it extremely easy for entrepreneurs to put their products in front of potential customers with just a few clicks. With these new features, entrepreneurs are able to run digital marketing campaigns alongside where they are already managing their online store. Our partnerships with Facebook, Google and Snap takes us one step closer to this reality, bringing our merchants to their customers everywhere.”