Pacvue Releases Industry-First Excel Integration for Amazon Advertisers

Patent-pending Pacvue XL combines powerful eCommerce advertising platform with the data and analytics capabilities of Excel

SEATTLE, WA — Pacvue announced the launch of Pacvue XL, the Excel version of Pacvue’s leading eCommerce SaaS platform for agencies, brands and sellers advertising in today’s online marketplaces. The patent-pending Excel integration is an industry-first technology enabling advertisers to leverage the powerful analytics capabilities of Excel paired with the key functionality of the Pacvue platform.

Pacvue compiles a variety of data sources into a single intuitive platform, enhanced with a comprehensive suite of marketing automation and optimization tools. Pacvue XL, now available to all Enterprise users, can save users hours of time each week by automatically bringing Amazon ad data directly into Excel, without the need to manually export and organize data. Innovatively, Pacvue XL also allows users to update Amazon ad campaigns, including bulk changes, directly within both the online and offline versions of Excel, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between multiple dashboards.

“We’re thrilled to provide an entirely new way for Amazon advertisers to manage their campaigns,” said Melissa Burdick, co-founder and President of Pacvue. “Excel has long been a favored tool of the eCommerce community for its powerful data and analytics capabilities and now, for the first time, advertisers can fully manage and monitor their Amazon campaigns with Excel. We’re very excited to share Pacvue XL with the entire community!”

Built by Amazon veterans, Pacvue XL consists of the platform’s reporting, dashboard and keyword research features, enabling agencies and brands to build robust, customized reporting to analyze and share with clients and/or colleagues. This will allows users, many of whom already use Excel for of their analytics, to plug in the data aggregation and research power of Pacvue directly into their existing data infrastructure without the need to learn a new tool.

Jason Strong, Vice President of Digital Advertising at Lunge Marketing, states: “The evolutionary and revolutionary leap of PacVue XL allows for broader analysis, deeper insights, and sharper visuals, facilitating competitive domination of your markets. What’s not to love?”

Pacvue XL is available for all Amazon agencies, vendors and sellers who license the Pacvue platform with an active advertising account. To take advantage of the only tool on the market today that integrates the advanced flexibility, customization and reporting of Excel with a powerful eCommerce SaaS platform, access Pacvue XL as an Excel Add-On via the Microsoft Apps store. For more information about Pacvue and to demo the full version, visit

About Pacvue
Pacvue is a leading eCommerce SaaS platform that empowers agencies, brands and sellers to programmatically manage and optimize their advertising on Amazon. Created by industry experts, Pacvue combines AI algorithms and specialized eCommerce and advertising expertise to help their customers grow their share of voice, increase sales and improve profitability.

Headquartered in Seattle, the Pacvue team consists of Amazon veterans and eCommerce leaders united by a passion for technology, digital media strategy and data. By combining deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology, the company is uniquely positioned to drive dynamic results for their clients, which include up-and-coming to multi-billion-dollar brands, mission-driven companies, international agencies, and everything in between. For more information, visit