GumGum’s Groundbreaking Contextual Analysis Solution for Digital Publishers Makes Official Debut

The company’s latest adtech solution, Verity, leverages proprietary AI technologies to scan web content – including images – for contextual classification, keyword extraction and brand suitability

SANTA MONICA, Calf. — GumGum, Inc., a technology and artificial intelligence company specializing in solutions for advertising and media, has announced the official release of Verity, a first-of-its-kind content classification and brand safety solution. The product – which analyzes the full publisher content of web pages, including images, where other contextual offerings available today only scan text and metadata – had previously been available only through a limited early release program.

“Verity is a consummation of ten plus years developing leading-edge machine learning expertise for content analysis”

GumGum’s CEO, Phil Schraeder, shared the news with a select audience of top-tier publishers during an invite-only GumGum event in Las Vegas at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Mr. Schraeder stressed the product’s unique technological advantage over other contextual analysis solutions. Built around GumGum’s proprietary computer vision and natural language processing deep learning systems, Verity offers the most granular, content-level insight to digital publishers wanting to maximize the value and utility of their ad inventories by expanding available contextual categories and identifying brand suitability and safety concerns.

“Looking ahead to a cookieless future, we saw that publishers would need greater insights about their content to facilitate the potent, safe contextual targeting experiences that will drive revenue,” Schraeder explained. “Those insights can’t come from basic text and metadata search, because the web is visual. You need to see the pages the way users do if you really want to understand what they’re about. With Verity, we’re giving you the whole picture, so you can get the greatest value out of your content.”

To deliver that contextual picture, Verity features a robust set of machine learning capabilities for keyword, named entity, object and hate logo detection, as well as contextual taxonomy, major event, scene, threat, and sentiment classification.

Verity’s classification and brand safety/suitability functions meet and exceed industry measurement standards, including IAB Content Taxonomy v1.0 and v2.0, and the 4A’s Advertising Assurance Brand Safety Framework. Sentiment analysis algorithms allow Verity to capture attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed online, adding an additional layer of insight to its brand safety and contextual evaluations.

Mr. Schraeder noted that Verity’s lightweight API integrates seamlessly with all traditional CMSs and DMPs and comes with GumGum’s white-glove customer service and technical support.

“Verity is a consummation of ten plus years developing leading-edge machine learning expertise for content analysis,” concluded Schraeder. “We’re pleased to be sharing that expertise with publishers now––the moment when contextual targeting and brand safety are becoming absolutely vital to the health and survival of the online publishing ecosystem.”

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