Aki Technologies Purchases Eyeview’s Video Personalization Technology to Bolster Leadership in Moment Marketing

Mobile advertising leader invests in tech patents, empowering brands to deliver millions of permutations of video ads to consumers

SAN FRANCISCO – Video optimization and personalization just got easier now that Aki Technologies, the leading provider of mobile moment marketing, has completed its acquisition of the intellectual property of Eyeview, the pioneering video marketing company founded with the aim of delivering 1:1 personalized video in order to drive sales for leading brands. Aki will integrate Eyeview’s technology into its moment marketing solution to help brands meet the demand for more personalized, relevant advertising with incremental sales results. Eyeview received more than $72 million in investment over the past 13 years and was granted multiple patents for generating personalized, dynamic and broadcast-quality video.

Eyeview’s video technology enabled more than $194 million in incremental sales for Eyeview performance advertisers in 2019. Clients included well-known Fortune 500 retailers and auto manufacturers.

Today’s brand marketers recognize that personalization is the best way to build meaningful connections with busy, oversaturated consumers—one-third (33%) of retailers surveyed by Adobe in 2018 said “targeting and personalization” are among their top tactical priorities for the year ahead. The patented technology developed by Eyeview solves the complexity of personalized creative development in video, increasing brand affinity, driving foot traffic to retail locations, and delivering incremental sales.

Aki’s approach, which enables brands to customize a consumer’s advertising experience for a given moment, makes it possible to serve more relevant messaging when consumers are most receptive. Now, with Eyeview’s advanced software around personalization, Aki advertisers can deliver video creative that caters more precisely to the customer’s preferences, dynamically responding to immediate context, ad receptivity in the moment, and CRM insights.

“At Aki, we help brands build stronger connections with consumers by enabling advertising that adapts to the varying preferences that consumers experience from moment to moment,” said Scott Swanson, CEO at Aki. “By integrating Eyeview’s technology, one of the most invested in and differentiated video platforms in the industry, we have all the pieces in place to offer brands and agencies the most comprehensive and impactful moment marketing solution available today. It’s a game-changer for video media, shopper marketing and CPG in general, retail, automotive, and beyond.”

While the transaction is a technology asset purchase, Aki has already hired key former Eyeview staff in engineering, data science, sales and product management and anticipates making offers to additional former staff members in the next month.

Eyeview’s technology assets will help Aki offer brands even more options for reaching individuals through personalized advertising without the added complexity of manually producing thousands of creatives accounting for every variable. For example, with new local weather and mapping variables, a global clothing retailer could showcase waterproof products to consumers where it’s raining, UV protective gear to consumers where it’s sunny, and thermal gear to individuals where it’s cold. These ad executions could end with a local map showing people directions to the nearest brick-and-mortar location to influence in-store sales of the weather-targeting products.

Aki will integrate Eyeview’s video personalization technology into its Katana platform. In the interim, advertisers interested in leveraging Eyeview’s video personalization technology today can reach out to Aki’s support team at [email protected].

About Aki Technologies
Aki Technologies’ mission is to advance moment marketing technology, in partnership with brands and agencies, to deliver a better consumer experience and revolutionary business results. Through its unique moment marketing approach, Aki helps marketers deliver advertising that better aligns with consumer preferences and ad receptivity in a given moment. Leading brands use Aki’s moment marketing science to inform strategy and drive meaningful impact on campaign metrics like awareness, engagement, foot traffic and sales. To learn more about the company visit http://www.a.ki.

About Eyeview
Eyeview (http://www.eyeviewdigital.com) was a video marketing technology company focused on outcome-based video marketing. Eyeview delivered superior return on investment through 1-to-1 video. Through proprietary VideoIQ® technology, Eyeview easily leveraged brand, product and consumer data to create and deliver 1-to-1 video ads to every consumer and ultimately drive sales. VideoIQ® provided an elemental knowledge of video variables that powers a results-driven decisioning engine, capable of making billions of decisions each day, delivering the most relevant message to every consumer across television, desktop, and mobile.