TVSquared Launches Global Cross-Platform, Multi-Touch Attribution Solution for Linear and Digital

Single, Unified Platform Solves Fragmentation and Measures Incremental Reach Extension and Performance Lift Across Linear and OTT/CTV

EDINBURGH & NEW YORK – TVSquared, the global leader in TV attribution, has launched an industry-first platform to power always-on attribution across all forms of video advertising, proving which media and creative placements are driving sales, conversions and business outcomes. The combination of the most robust coverage of streaming publishers and media owners, along with household-level data, enables TVSquared to join the dots between linear and digital TV advertising, removing friction across the fragmented TV landscape and delivering quantifiable metrics and analytics for performance and true reach extension.

TVSquared’s global platform measures reach, frequency and performance across linear and digital TV advertising, spanning tens of millions of households, across any device where consumers watch video content. Tagging a wide range of adservers, TVSquared’s digital measurement captures 100% of OTT advertising and is not limited by Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. Measuring both impression-based linear TV in conjunction with OTT campaigns, TVSquared clients achieve cross-screen, multi-touch attribution to understand the audience overlap across platforms, and the incremental reach that video brings to their overall TV strategies.

“Together, linear and digital is giving the TV industry the greatest scale and reach potential of all time,” said Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared. “We have strategic partnerships across the advertising ecosystem to create the most robust closed-loop attribution solution in the world. This means we can power independent TV measurement for advertisers and publishers – from direct streaming services to DSPs and MVPDs.”

“As we expand into cross-screen advertising, it will not only be critical to quantify the value of OTT buys, given their premium CPMs, but also to understand the reach extension alongside linear TV,” said Alberto Corral, Senior Director of Marketing, UNTUCKit. “TVSquared is on the forefront of unifying linear and digital TV so that advertisers can measure reach, frequency and performance.”

TVSquared’s ADvantage platform collectively ingests first- and third-party data, including smart TV, set-top-box, TV airing, digital adserver and both client and server-side advertiser data, such as app engagement, downloads and purchases.

As a result, TVSquared measures:

  • Linear TV across national and local markets, down to DMA and ZIP code levels
  • All OTT-enabled advertising, including CTV and video ads served across any device
  • Incremental reach and frequency across every individual media service in the platform
  • Impression-based linear and OTT campaigns – in a comparable way – to determine the most effective media for optimal reach
  • Addressable TV across linear and OTT
  • Reach and frequency to find the optimal response and cost to achieve business outcomes

TVSquared’s unique, privacy-compliant, deterministic “measuring and modeling” approach combines hashed-IPs and IFAs, resolving common problems of IP-based techniques, such as time degradation and multi-occupant usage.

TVSquared has customers in more than 70 countries and operates to the highest standards of data privacy and security, including GDPR. In the past 12 months, strategic partnerships have included EffectvExtreme ReachAmpersandNBCU Owned Television Stations, including Telemundo and Regional Sports Networks, and RTL AdConnect.

About TVSquared
TVSquared is the largest global enterprise platform for cross-screen, multi-touch attribution across all forms of linear and digital TV content. TVSquared’s always-on analytics platform empowers brands, agencies, networks and publishers to quantify TV’s impact, tie TV to business outcomes and optimize ad performance across TV everywhere. Thousands of advertisers in more than 70 countries work with TVSquared to measure TV across millions of households and billions of ad impressions. Learn more at