Channel Factory Promotes Robert Björk to MD Following Period of Significant Growth

Leading brand suitability platform announces significant growth of 200% for Q1 and Q2 as it appoints Björk to manage its continued expansion

Stockholm, Sweden – Channel Factory,  a global technology platform that maximizes both performance efficiency and brand suitability for advertisers on YouTube, today announced that Robert Björk has been promoted to MD for the Nordic region, having previously worked as sales director.

The news follows a period of significant success for the company, with growth standing at over 200% for Q1 and Q2.

Björk will be responsible for building local teams in Norway, Finland and Denmark as well as looking for a Sales Director in Norway and Finland and he will report to Mattias Spetz, Managing Partner, EMEA and APAC.

“Brand suitability in combination with performance  on YouTube is now more important than ever, with every penny driving ROI for clients,” said Mattias Spetz, Managing Partner. EMEA and APAC.  “Robert has played a huge role in growing Channel Factory and our continued success in building brand-suitable and performance-driven campaigns across a multitude of markets. I’m very proud that he will now take on responsibility as MD for the Nordics.”

Björk said: “We are on a mission to provide digital marketers with the highest quality and contextually-aligned content, and there is increasing appetite for our expertise. Having helped to build our client base, I know there is significant demand when it comes to addressing brand suitability issues. Channel Factory is the leading solution for brand suitability and performance-driven advertising across YouTube.”

The company’s recent growth follows a significant increase in demand from advertisers seeking to maximise YouTube ad performance and ensure consistent brand suitability across video inventory.

“We are building teams with local language, knowledge and relationships and this is cementing Channel Factory as the market leader in video advertising,“ Björk added.

“Recent growth comes in response to the significant increase in demand by advertisers to be able to maximise YouTube advertising performance and ensure consistent brand suitability across their video inventory. We are building teams with local language, knowledge and relationships and this is cementing Channel Factory as the market leader in social video advertising.“

Channel Factory works with brands such as Sony Universal, Kraft Heinz and Nivea. Using a proprietary software platform that leverages more YouTube data than any player in the industry, it helps advertisers achieve granular targeting, brand suitability, customisation and analytics, resulting in performance-maximised campaigns.

About Channel Factory

Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform that maximizes both performance efficiency and contextual suitability, turning YouTube’s 5 billion videos and 500 hours per minute of new content into brand suitable, efficient advertising opportunities. Channel Factory’s mission is to create a suitable video ecosystem that connects creators, brands, and consumers – by enabling advertisers access to the most relevant videos, channels and creators.

Through their proprietary platform that harnesses the power of the deepest YouTube dataset in the industry, Channel Factory has enabled advanced brand suitability, customized content targeting, and maximum performance for the world’s biggest brands. Channel Factory’s algorithm ensures not only that advertisers run against content that aligns to their brand, but also delivers outcomes by optimizing campaigns using active and historical campaign performance data.

Channel Factory has offices across the USA, and is present in over 30 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.