Undertone Adds The Trade Desk’s Unified ID Solution to its Advanced Synchronized Digital Branding Platform

Integration of The Trade Desk Unified ID Solution into Undertone’s Data Platform Will Propel Undertone’s Industry-Leading Offerings

Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ:PERI) announced that Undertone, the developer of Synchronized Digital Branding – which enables the world’s best brands to connect more systematically and relevantly to consumers – has integrated The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution. The Trade Desk is a leading technology company that empowers buyers of advertising through a self-service platform. 

“Undertone has always been committed to the independent and open Internet”

By integrating The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution into its data platform, Undertone will be able to increase the breadth of its coverage, deliver more relevant advertising through its Synchronized Digital Branding platform, and assure fast load times which benefit consumers and translates to better results for advertisers.

By adopting this technology and the unified ID solution behind it, the brands and agencies in Undertone’s ecosystem will be able to more efficiently reach their most valuable users, with dramatically reduced latency. The close to 100% accuracy of The Trade Desk’s technology will reach across multiple devices and content providers. In addition, adopting The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution will enable Undertone’s proven and award-winning high impact ad units to operate at even high levels of awareness, impact and persuasiveness.

“Undertone has always been committed to the independent and open Internet” said Undertone President Dan Aks “We share those values with The Trade Desk. We are thrilled to integrate their unified ID solution, which provides our brand and agency clients with the ability to reach their most important consumers with a new level of targeting precision that eliminates waste and user frustration.”

About Undertone

Undertone, a division of Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI), provides cutting-edge technology solutions for the world’s leading brands. Its proprietary Creative Synchronized Digital Branding combines data, distribution and creative to deliver cohesive stories across all critical touchpoints: screens, platforms and a transparent, customizable list of elite publishers. The AI-driven platform eliminates fragmentation, delivers much-needed revenue for publishers and, most importantly, ensures brand messaging is contextually relevant. Undertone creates stunning campaigns that align with KPIs always with beautiful creative and in brand-safe environments. Learn more at www.undertone.com.

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Perion is a global technology company that provides agencies, brands and publishers with innovative solutions that cover the three pillars of digital advertising. From its data-driven Synchronized Digital Branding platform and high-impact ad formats in the display domain; to its powerful social media platform; to its branded search network, Perion is well-positioned to capitalize on any changes in marketers’ allocation of digital advertising spend. More information about Perion can be found at www.perion.com.