TheViewPoint Reinforces its Suite of Products with a New SDK for CTV Publishers

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA – TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers and broadcasters, has announced the launch of its SDK for Roku publishers, a dynamic library-based tool for CTV inventory management.

TheViewPoint Connected TV/OTT SDK represents a hassle-free inventory management tool that allows publishers to control each ad pod on Roku. The SDK works as a layer on top of the Roku Advertising Framework so all ads are rendered in compliance with the Roku policy.

The company considered the most common publishers’ headaches related to inventory management on CTV/OTT so the kit has embraced best practices across the ad tech industry on app monetization to improve publisher experience. Right after integration, publishers can use this SDK to sell their ad spots to premium brands who are eager to reach their target audience on Roku. TheViewPoint’s SDK possesses intuitive UI designed to provide application masters with smooth navigation panel to: 

  • enable or disable pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls 
  • control mid-roll ad break frequency
  • allow ad podding
  • control ad break duration and the maximum number of ads per ad break
  • enable prefetch ads 
  • support waterfall and calling multiple ads from inside the application
  • control over the number of ad requests

All the settings and adjustments are applied in an app in a real-time mode due to dynamic libraries. TheViewPoint also supports publishers with key metrics helping them make data-driven decisions and come up with efficient ad tactics.

Daniel Elad, Chief Strategy Officer at TheViewPoint, has pointed out the convenience of such a solution for both advertisers and publishers: ‘Advertisers get client-side ad requests and tracking which improves targeting and measurement. As to CTV/OTT publishers, we understand their woes and headaches. So for those who decided to run campaigns on Roku, we offer the easiest way to do that. Our tech-savvy experts from the Support Team take care of the complete integration of the SDK into publishers’ apps. Basically, we provide a plug-and-play approach by grasping the setting of all tech nuances. That said, in case of any emergency, users can find all the necessary information in our Guide on Roku Publishing*, or, address it to a dedicated account manager. We’ve created this kit to empower our current suite of products we offer to ad tech players. This SDK improves the ad inventory management experience on CTV/OTT and makes ad monetization on Roku simple and efficient.’ 

About TheViewPoint

TheViewPoint is an innovative video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers and broadcasters. It is designed to provide every ad tech player looking to monetize video inventory with a transparent demand chain and higher margins. TheViewPoint enables content owners to manage direct deals with demand partners. A wide set of tools developed specifically for the connected TV environment allows publishers to effectively upscale their business.