Index Exchange First Exchange To Expand LiveRamp IdentityLink Globally

New integration enables global marketers to deliver personalized marketing across the open web with people-based precision

London – Index Exchange (IX), one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, today announced that it is the first exchange to be live with LiveRamp IdentityLink globally, with support most recently extended to the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Through this integration, Index Exchange and LiveRamp provide global marketers with a permissioned, people-based advertising solution, cementing the companies’ shared commitment to bring people-based marketing opportunities to the open web while upholding privacy, choice and control. The ability to transact on a LiveRamp IdentityLink in the United States and Canada has been enabled by Index Exchange since late 2018, and has seen tremendous support in-market.  

When enabled through the IX Library — Index Exchange’s market-leading header-bidding product — LiveRamp IdentityLink enhances publisher inventory with consented, people-based addressability, increasing revenue monetisation opportunities without the use of third-party cookies. 

“As we move beyond the third-party cookie and towards people-based buying, digital advertising products must be built on the foundation of consumer trust,” said Mike O’Sullivan, Vice President of Product at Index Exchange. “This evolution in our partnership with LiveRamp is a massive step in our quest to bring people-based buying to the open web to the global marketplace, and we’re proud to have done so in a way that preserves consumer privacy and security.”

The partnership will also enable demand-side platforms that transact on LiveRamp IdentityLink to implement cross-device, omnichannel media buying while empowering marketers to activate their first-party data through IX’s Matched Audiences (e.g. buyer-specific audiences based on customer relationship management-style data facilitated through a Deal ID). 

“Enabling transactions on LiveRamp IdentityLink globally means scale and ease of use across multiple regions,” said Travis Clinger, Senior Vice President, Addressability and Ecosystem at LiveRamp. “We’re eager to see LiveRamp IdentityLink become a critical enabler of digital advertising, and we expect accelerated adoption now that buyers are able to access their audiences internationally.”

The integration will now be available across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore and Japan, in addition to the United States and Canada. All aspects are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information, please visit

About Index Exchange: Index Exchange is a global advertising marketplace where premium digital media companies transact ad impressions with accountability and in real-time. Built on the pillars of neutrality, openness, and the most reliable technology, Index Exchange is the ad exchange that media companies and marketers trust. An engineering-first company, Index Exchange prioritizes investing in hardware as well as bigger and better data centers to safely and independently store and process transactions. Visit Index Exchange at  or @indexexchange.

About LiveRamp: LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform for the safe and effective use of data. Powered by core identity resolution capabilities and an unparalleled network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. LiveRamp’s fully interoperable and neutral infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies, and publishers. For more information, visit