Eicoff Selects TVSquared for Addressable, OTT and Linear TV Attribution

Full-Service Agency Provides Clients with Transparent, Real-Time, Omni-Channel Proof of Performance

CHICAGO & NEW YORK — TVSquared has been selected by Eicoff to provide addressable, OTT and linear TV attribution for its clients. The full-service agency has incorporated TVSquared’s always-on attribution technology into its EiQ analytics platform to generate transparent performance, reach, frequency and reach extension analytics for its clients’ cross-screen video campaigns.

“Everything we do is driven by data; it’s the cornerstone of how we create campaigns that make consumers react, respond and convert to sale”

From its start more than 60 years ago, Eicoff has leveraged media for performance, and is credited with pioneering the use of direct response TV (DRTV) for advertisers. In the decades since, the agency has been at the forefront of using data and analytics to create transparent partnerships with clients and to inform every aspect of their campaigns. With TVSquared, Eicoff is adding omni-channel measurement and attribution – including granular performance insights and deep audience analytics – to its arsenal of data-backed tools.

“Everything we do is driven by data; it’s the cornerstone of how we create campaigns that make consumers react, respond and convert to sale,” said Bill McCabe, President and CEO, Eicoff. “TVSquared’s world-class attribution platform allows us to onboard clients at scale, providing them with the most robust insights on addressable, OTT and linear TV campaigns. It not only proves how TV is impacting the bottom line, but it also informs optimizations and media plans for performance.”

Access to digital-like measurement and always-on performance, reach, frequency and reach extension analytics, empower advertisers to:

  • Quantify TV’s impact on sales, website traffic, app activity or any other KPI that matters the most.
  • Identify high- and low-performing media dimensions, including days, dayparts, networks, programs, genres, spot lengths and creatives.
  • Make those insights actionable, informing audience-driven marketing efforts and optimization, mix and spend decisions.

“For advertisers today, it’s all about finding the right mix of platforms to reach the right audiences and achieve performance goals,” said Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared. “Eicoff is at the forefront of agencies marrying creativity with data – offering clients an unprecedented level of transparency around campaign performance and driving media strategies based on the most accurate and sophisticated analytics available.”

About TVSquared

TVSquared is the largest global enterprise platform for cross-screen, multi-touch attribution across all forms of linear and digital TV content. TVSquared’s always-on analytics platform empowers brands, agencies, networks and publishers to quantify TV’s impact, tie TV to business outcomes and optimize ad performance across TV everywhere. Thousands of advertisers in more than 70 countries work with TVSquared to measure TV across millions of households and billions of ad impressions. Learn more at www.tvsquared.com.

About Eicoff

Eicoff is a full-service agency, focused on building brands into industry leaders with Performance TV and Audio. Our creative approach, Storyselling, applies proven storytelling tactics to craft messages that incite consumers to react, respond and recall. Our media set is broad, from Linear TV to Connected & Addressable TV, from digital & social video to podcasts & streaming audio – anywhere video and audio are consumed. Analytics drives our obsession with testing, our EiQ platform generates insights that influence both creative and media strategies. Our focus on testing, tracking and optimizing drives conversion and grows sales for our clients, including both Fortune 100 companies and startups alike. For more information, visit www.eicoff.com.