Yieldmo Hires AdTech Veteran Duc Chau as Chief Technology Officer

Strengthening Yieldmo’s Position as Technology Leader

NEW YORK — Yieldmo is proud to announce that it has recently hired Duc Chau as its new Chief Technology Officer. With more than 20 years of engineering experience building high performing teams, distributed systems, and technology infrastructures, Chau will be responsible for the innovation and expansion of Yieldmo’s technology and will report directly to Yieldmo CEO Michael Yavonditte.

“Today, they are poised to shape the future of how advertisers reach audiences”

Duc brings an accomplished career with him to Yieldmo, including taking the Rubicon Project public as co-founder and engineering leader, building and architecting the first version of Myspace as lead software engineer, and as CTO of Omaze, helping reach the milestone of $130M raised for charitable organizations. He also holds and has authored multiple technology patents throughout his career.

“As Yieldmo continues to elevate the ad experience with advanced consumer insights, I knew Duc was the right person to strengthen our technological foundation and find new ways to make attention actionable,” said Yavonditte. “His passion, experience, and dedication to understanding human interactions in real-time made him the perfect addition to our leadership team.”

About joining Yieldmo, Chau shared that the pioneering team and their influence over key innovations in early ad technology were the driving factors for his decision to join. “Today, they are poised to shape the future of how advertisers reach audiences,” said Chau. “My ambitions for the company are to drive innovation and grow Yieldmo’s technology, so it reaches every internet user around the globe no matter how they connect or consume content. I am excited to leverage the vast amount of data Yieldmo collects to invent useful new products to service the digital advertising ecosystem.”

Chau will oversee a team of talented engineers who have grown and scaled the Yieldmo technology under the leadership of co-founder, Todd Coleman. Todd will continue to play a critical role at the executive level and among the technical leadership team in the capacity of Chief Architect. “We are very fortunate to be able to continue benefiting from Todd’s many contributions and talents, which now can be focused on enhancing and evolving the robust architecture that is the backbone of our tech stack,” said Yavonditte.

Chau’s first day was October 19, 2020, and will boost Yieldmo’s presence in Los Angeles.


Yieldmo is one of the world’s fastest-growing digital advertising and attention analytics companies. As a leader in digital formats, attention analytics, and real-time technology we help advertisers create, measure, model, and optimize campaigns for unmatched scale and performance both on and off our premium marketplace. We use over 75 signals to inform our performance optimization algorithms and dynamically apply these signals on a client & campaign basis to define, measure & model attention. Yieldmo’s proprietary gestural metrics that capture consumers’ interactions with the ads are an important part of how we model attention but we also look at the inventory, ad placement, time in view, and many other factors to achieve the best performance for a given client.