EntityX Secures Funding to Revolutionise Contextual Targeting

EntityX secures investment from industry angels to revolutionise contextual targeting and deliver radically better performance

London-based semantic technology pioneers, EntityX, have secured investment to further develop their existing technology into the most advanced contextual targeting based upon deep understanding of page meaning. This new approach combines cutting-edge, proprietary “knowledge graph” technology and the principles of contextual targeting, enabling advertisers to target valuable, but hard-to-reach audiences at scale.

Tim Flagg, CEO of EntityX commented, “It’s an incredibly exciting time to be bringing our unique technology to market, partnering with some of the biggest brands, agencies and publishers in the world. This investment enables us to accelerate and scale the solutions we provide for our customers, reflecting the increased need in the market for advanced contextual solutions.”

Deep analysis of page meaning allows EntityX to understand audience interest, and build targetable profiles. This has a number of valuable applications for brands, advertisers and publishers, improving advertising performance and maximising the value of page inventory. In addition to transforming ad targeting, EntityX’s solutions radically improve brand safety, search engine optimisation, website optimisation and CRM management.

Over the last 4 years the team behind EntityX has developed a powerful “knowledge graph”, a database of 73m things or “entities” and the 446m connections between these things. Rather than just analysing the text as “strings” to be matched to keywords, EntityX analyses the things on the page. This enables EntityX to find connections, for example understanding that “mobile phone” is a thing that is related to other things like “computer”, as well as to brands like “Apple”, or “Samsung”. EntityX can reveal networks of meaning on a web page, surfacing hidden connections, and giving a much deeper understanding of page meaning than is achievable with any other technology.

EntityX has already built a suite of semantic tools to extract entities from text, using natural language processing and machine learning.This investment accelerates and scales the development of this proprietary technology into the most advanced contextual targeting platform available, putting EntityX at the forefront of this increasingly competitive space, as contextual hots up in 2021, ahead of the impending “Cookie Winter”.

The investment round was led by Malcolm Cox, former CMO of contextual pioneer, Grapeshot, which sold to Oracle for $325m in 2018. Cox said, “EntityX’s unique approach delivers the next generation of contextual targeting, with peerless accuracy. The immediate application is to radically improve contextual targeting and transform brand safety. But understanding the meaning of web pages is of fundamental importance. Using meaning in this way will revolutionise advertising.”

About EntityX
EntityX empowers brands to target audiences using ‘meaning’. Harnessing powerful ‘Knowledge Graph’ and proprietary semantic tools, EntityX can more accurately understand the meaning of any web page. EntityX uses this to identify the most relevant pages to advertise on, so brands can reach their target audiences on pages that resonate. This deeper understanding of page meaning, combined with sentiment, also enables advanced brand safety.

Founded in 2019, EntityX is uniquely positioned to benefit from the imminent demise of the third party cookie. EntityX is backed by industry veterans, including the former CMO of Grapeshot. The founding team comprises PhD-level Computer Scientists, Cognitive Linguists, serial entrepreneurs and senior marketers with first hand experience of the challenges of targeting audiences.

EntityX is currently providing advanced contextual targeting and brand safety for its brand, agency and publisher partners in the UK and US. Please contact [email protected] for more information.