Tremor International Soars to 127% Revenue Growth in Fast-Emerging CTV Space

CTV revenue in Q4 2020 is the highest in company’s history with continued growth expected in 2021

LONDON, SYDNEY, SINGAPORE — Tremor International (AIM: TRMR), a global leader in advertising technologies, today announced 127% revenue growth in the Connected TV (CTV) space in Q4 2020 compared to Q4 2019. Along with video which represents more than 80% of Tremor International’s 2020 revenues, CTV is now a significant growth engine for the company, with more than 300 clients executing CTV campaigns through Tremor Video’s demand-side platform (DSP) in 2020, which marks a 71% increase YOY compared to 2019.

Through Tremor’s unique end-to-end technology stack—including Tremor Video’s managed and self-service DSP, its premium supply footprint strengthened by the integration of Unruly, and its centralized data management platform (DMP)—a wide breadth and depth of audience data can be layered across all CTV media to provide advertisers with precision-based targeting across premium scale. Tremor has continued to cultivate relationships with leading CTV partners, adding more than 100 new CTV publishers to its network in 2020, a 90% increase compared to 2019. 

“The growth we’ve experienced in the CTV space underscores the significant commitment we’ve made as a company—and on behalf of our clients—to expanding our end-to-end technology stack and data-driven products,” said Ofer Druker, CEO, Tremor International. “Due to our strong relationships with advertisers and publishers across the evolving CTV landscape, we are well positioned to continue this growth in 2021 and beyond.”

According to eMarketer, the growth in CTV adoption will continue. In 2020, there were 104.7 million US households using CTV and that number is forecasted to increase to 113 million by 2024, which will represent nearly 86% of all US households. Additionally, a recent Unruly study reported that 61% of US consumers were spending ‘a lot more’ time watching TV on demand since the onset of the pandemic in March. Advertisers are capitalizing on these changing audience trends and increasingly shifting budgets to take advantage of this emerging space. US CTV ad spend is expected to grow to more than $11 billion in 2021.

“CTV has become an integral part of our media mix and we expect to continue growth in this area in 2021 and beyond,” said Emily King, EVP Marketing Strategy, Media and Digital at FOX Entertainment. “Our work with Tremor Video has enabled us to improve targeting, measurement and optimization strategies within the rapidly evolving CTV medium, as well as increase our presence on a platform where we know our customer base is invested.”

“Tremor has innovation and evolution built into their DNA and this has led to them expanding over the years from not only our preferred video partner, but a preferred partner for CTV as well,” said Chris Baszto, Vice President, Digital Planning + Optimization, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, a WPP company. “They have been able to consistently deliver best-in-class and innovative targeting solutions on top of premium inventory that lets me rest easy knowing my clients’ dollars are reaching the right audience, in quality inventory and in brand-safe environments.”

Tremor’s suite of CTV solutions offers advertisers multiple key benefits, including:

•       Seamless Activation Across All CTV Platforms: Tap into inventory across all CTV devices and 1:1 direct app publisher partnerships
•       Expanded Household Addressability: Find the right audience on the biggest screen in the house through Tremor’s robust suite of exclusive data partners and ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) capabilities for CTV
•       Fraud Protection Built for CTV: Industry-leading fraud detection & filtering ensures your brand is aligned with high quality supply
•       Custom & Advanced CTV Creative: Engage viewers by leveraging exclusive ad formats supported by our solution-based Creative Studio
•       Full-Funnel Measurement Solutions: Validate outcomes by aligning each campaign with the right measurement solution

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About Tremor International
Tremor International Ltd is a global leader in advertising technologies, it has three core capabilities: Video, Data and CTV, and our unique approach is centered on offering a full stack end-to-end solution which provides the Company with a major advantage in the marketplace.

Tremor Video helps advertisers deliver impactful brand stories across all screens through the power of innovative video technology combined with advanced audience data and captivating creative content. Tremor Video is one of the largest and most innovative video advertising companies in North America and globally, with offerings in CTV, in-stream, out-stream and in-app.

The media side of Tremor, Unruly, drives real business outcomes in multiscreen advertising. Its highly ranked programmatic platform efficiently and effectively delivers performance, quality, and actionable data to demand and supply-focused clients and partners. Tremor has a meaningful number of direct integrations with publishers, unique demand relationships with the world’s biggest advertisers and privileged access to News Corp inventory. Unruly works with 95% of the AdAge 100 and 82% of video views are delivered across Comscore 1,000 sites.

Tremor International Ltd is headquartered in Israel and maintains offices throughout the US and Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia and is traded on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: TRMR).