“popIn Discovery” Now the Largest Native Ad Platform in Thailand with 600 Million Monthly Page Views

SAN FRANCISCO — popIn Inc. has announced that its native ad platform “popIn Discovery” has reached a new milestone of 600 million monthly page views in Thailand, becoming the leading native ad platform in the country.

popIn Discovery is the largest native ad platform in Asia, and Thailand is the most recent Asian country in which the platform has cemented its place as the market leader, following South Korea in December 2020.

popIn Discovery first entered Thailand in May 2019. Its page view growth rate increased sixfold from January 2020 to December 2020, due in large part to successful partnerships with a number of high-quality, local media sources. Sales have increased 28 times in the same period.

popIn Discovery’s major partners in Thailand include:

1) LINE Thailand
2) Thairath
3) Kapook

popIn endeavors to continually expand its high-quality native ad network by partnering with additional leading media sources, while at the same time providing new features to match users’ needs.

  • What is popIn Discovery?
    popIn Discovery is a native ad network that offers ads in the form of recommended articles. Because these content-type advertisements closely match the subject matter of an article, they can be used to enhance brand recognition and to foster understanding for companies and products. popIn Discovery offers one-stop native ad delivery throughout Asia, including in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Mainland China and Indonesia, by offering multilingual ad management services and settlement in Japanese yen. By partnering with local media sources in Asia, where diverse cultures coexist, popIn Discovery enables advertisers to secure high-quality placements and local ad creatives that match the cultural tastes of different audiences.

Features of popIn Discovery (https://www.popin.cc/en/)

  • Asia’s largest native ad platform
    Operational scope: Japan, Korea, Greater China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.
  • Payments
    popIn accepts payments in Japanese yen for advertisements in Greater China, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Advertising costs will be converted based on the current exchange rate.
  • Support for multilingual account management
    Currently, popIn supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, Thai and Indonesian language services.
  • Analysis index
    In order to measure a user’s satisfaction with the content of an article, it is necessary to understand the read status of the article (whether or not it has been read carefully). popIn’s “READ”* algorithm determines whether the article content is viewable by a user, and measures the read status based on the elapsed read time and the amount of information in the article. This proprietary method offers a clear estimation of the amount of content that is being read as opposed to being skimmed past.

*In August 2015, READ patents were granted in Japan, Korea, and Greater China. Patent number: 5797871

  • Other information
    popIn has offices in Japan, Greater China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, and offers creative and distribution planning services tailored to the entire Asian market. Translation of creatives is also available as a service.

popIn Corporation Company Profile
Head office location: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 39th floor, 6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
President: Tao Cheng
Established: July 2008
Company URL: https://www.popin.cc/

Main business mission and scope: With the mission of making information more intelligent, we have developed and commercialized “popIn Discovery,” a content discovery platform that supports native advertisements; we have also developed the world’s first projector ceiling light, “popIn Aladdin,” as an IoT business starting in 2017. Currently, we are developing a new AI-powered image recognition service called “popIn Action.”