Pattern89 Delivers Immediate Insights to Improve Marketing Performance and Visibility Through New AI-Driven Capabilities

Enhanced datasets and end-to-end platform improvements help marketers power their creative decisions

INDIANAPOLIS – Pattern89, a platform that specializes in creative artificial intelligence (AI) to predict digital marketing performance, announced today new features to enhance brands’ visibility into ad performance. These end-to-end upgrades will streamline and improve its user experience, while allowing marketers to access real-time predictive performance insights and assemble and launch top-performing ad combinations in platform.

“Marketing isn’t about educated guesses anymore-it’s about data and creativity. Brands and agencies want to use artificial intelligence to unlock the data behind every creative idea,” said R. J. Talyor, CEO and founder of Pattern89. “So we listened to our customers and upgraded both the Pattern89 application and our API to power every creative decision they make.”

Featured updates include:

Predicting creative performance, with improved functionality and datasets of more than 300 billion data points. By analyzing large datasets of digital marketing trends, Pattern89 now predicts the creative insights that deliver winning ad combinations with over 95% accuracy. The new design also helps marketers efficiently unlock their best creative decisions, assemble and launch top-performing ad predictions directly in-platform, eliminating the need for traditional A/B testing.

Extending your creative lifecycle with custom performance dashboards and simplified alerts. With customizable creative dashboards, marketers can showcase creative performance drivers across funnel stages, verticals, demographics and more. Pattern89 also optimizes in-flights ads within its dashboards, allowing marketers to see the immediate impact of their ads and surface and complete the most impactful campaign updates with its ‘Do This for Me’ functionality.

Launching advanced analytics to help marketers understand the why behind creative performance. Advanced performance analytics across more than 49,000 creative dimensions help marketers understand how their creative impacts ad performance. Pattern89 also showcases how current ads and ad sets are performing relative to their dynamic benchmarks, increasing transparency into AI-powered decisions, and automates highly detailed, client-ready reports.

New API to integrate Pattern89’s creative insights with existing marketing automation tools. New API capabilities allow marketers to unlock the power of deep, actionable data insights on ad performance across platforms and verticals. Brands are only beginning to tap into the capabilities of creative AI and these updates would help make this potential a reality.
These new features will launch throughout Q1, growing Pattern89’s position as the leading AI solution for marketers and agencies who want to maximize creative performance at scale. This announcement also follows Pattern89’s 2021 Creative Forecast, which predicts the digital marketing trends that will perform best this year. For more information, visit

About Pattern89
Pattern89 provides powerful, artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands and agencies discover what creative decisions drive their most impactful digital performance. With creative analysis and prediction algorithms delivering over 95% accuracy, Pattern89 reduces waste by identifying successful patterns and outliers in companies’ ad creative performance data on digital channels. For more information, visit