Motorsport Network Chooses AdGrid as Their Programmatic Solution

SCARSDALE, NY. – AdGrid Media, the complete programmatic advertising solution, is pleased to announce that Motorsport network – a global market leader that sits at the heart of the motorsport and automotive industries for hundreds of millions of people who love motorsport and cars – has selected AdGrid as its programmatic advertising platform across all their brands.

Motorsport Network is a collection of 15 brands available in 81 countries in 15 languages that heavily relies on programmatic advertising to augment their direct sell advertising. With millions of daily users AdGrid had to be reliable, fast, work across multiple sites and allow for easy real-time updates including native ad injection. More importantly it needed to increase revenue.

Jeremy Zimmerman, Global Head of Programmatic and Ad Operations said, “AdGrid has exceeded all our expectations. Implementation was quick and painless, which was a welcome surprise for our executive team. Resulting in an overall lift of 110% at a time when all sites are trending downwards, we are now racing to install AdGrid across all our properties.”

“We are excited to add the Motorsport Network sites to our platform.” said Michael Tardif, CEO of AdGrid. “It’s nice to see how we can impact an organization with their scale so quickly. We look forward to helping them push our platform even further as they bring new challenges to us.”

About Motorsport Network
Motorsport Network connects hundreds of millions of people who love motorsport and cars. Our technology and distinct brands distinguish our unique content and services to help us engage motorsport and auto fans in their native languages. We connect this universe with digital content, live events, e-commerce, gaming, and social networking to unify people with a passion for all things automotive. As a global digital media company, we are your gateway to the world of motorsport and cars. More information is available at

About AdGrid Media
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