BeOp Launches In U.S. to Help Brands Navigate Cookieless Advertising

The French conversational advertising leader’s westward expansion comes at an opportune time as advertisers grapple with increasing privacy restrictions on user data for ad targeting

NEW YORK — BeOp, the leading contextual, conversational and cookieless advertising platform, announces its U.S. launch today following years of exponential growth in France. As the architects of the first independent conversational ecosystem for media and brands, BeOp is pioneering the future of ID-less, contextual targeting and innovative advertising placement through publishers. With a pre-existing client base that includes global leaders like Hyundai, Adidas, Amazon Prime Video and Coca-Cola, BeOp brings deep expertise in helping brands navigate the increasingly privacy-first advertising landscape.

The advertising industry in the U.S. is undergoing a period of transformation as a result of stricter privacy laws and the pending disappearance of third-party cookies and IDs, as indicated by the recent announcement by Google on the full stop to tracking data on its Chrome Browser by 2022. KPIs for efforts focused on targeting tools will drop significantly, and similar data-backed opportunities will only be available in “walled gardens”. Publishers will also be cut off from a significant source of programmatic revenue.

“In 2015, we saw where the advertising industry was headed and felt the urgency to provide a solution that would help advertisers persist the coming data blackouts based on the dominant platforms. After establishing the precedent of BeOp’s contextual solutions in Europe, we’re looking forward to driving impactful results for clients in the U.S.,” says Louis Prunel, CEO and Co-Founder of BeOp.

In 2015, BeOp co-founders Louis Prunel and Nicolas Sadki foresaw the pending loss of access to data and how it would decrease in the already low performance of advertising returns of programmatic advertising, to the detriment of all players. They decided to create a new advertising system that was independent, more effective, and capable of reinvigorating advertising for Internet users, publishers and advertisers.

BeOp has developed and refined an entirely distinct and complete contextual and cookieless advertising ecosystem including DSP, SSP and an integrative creative platform completely tailored to premium publisher’s articles. Solutions are built upon sophisticated, AI-driven contextual tools including semantic targeting and classification and traffic forecasting according to the desired targeting to optimize BeOp campaign placements on pages according to the KPI’s expected by advertisers.

BeOp’s ad placements are conversational units placed contextually on premium publishers’ articles. Built upon the premise of “story doing”, the units include polls, quizzes, forms, chatbots, interactive videos and more that enable brands to engage with users in an automated fashion without needing to rely on user data. These units are capable of producing unprecedented results compared to other digital methods, such as record brand attribution of 40% starting on impression one (3 times more than other digital branding solutions) and average interaction rates of 1%, ranging from 0.4% to 8% (compared to the average 0.06% click rate on a banner ad). Users spend an average 34 seconds on BeOP creative, which is 6 times the average time spent on Facebook videos. The quality of traffic sent to the advertiser’s site is also improved: -30% bounce rate, +30% time spent on advertiser’s site.

The company has generated strong results and success with clients for automotive, beauty, health and consumer brands markets, helping them optimize their branding and driving qualified traffic generation. As an example of brand confidence in the platform, automaker Hyundai invested nearly half of its digital budget in BeOp in 2020 to promote its electric and hybrid vehicles to the general public. In France, 80% of premium publishers and two-thirds of the top 200 advertisers are working with BeOp and the company is seeing growth 2.5 times higher than the programmatic sector, which is already in decline.

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About BeOp

BeOp is a leading contextual, conversational and cookieless advertising platform. It has created the first independent conversational ecosystem for media and brands. BeOp is pioneering the future of data-based targeting and innovative advertising placement through publishers. BeOp was founded in 2015 by Louis Prunel and Nicolas Sadki, along with expert investors in media & online advertising with a common goal: to move on from the past and reinvent media advertising from the ground up. The company has headquarters in Paris, Montpellier and New York City.