AdPlayer.Pro Online Video Ad Tech Solutions Provider Introduces AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0

AdPlayer.Pro releases a massive upgrade to the company’s video ads solutions for AMP digital properties.

AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of advanced online video advertising solutions has introduced a significant functional upgrade to its video ad tech stack, specifically aimed at the smooth integration of video ads into AMP properties, called AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0.

According to the company’s announcement, the released AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0 enables publishers of AMP properties to ensure the proper technical implementation and the successful launch of video ad campaigns faster and more effectively.

More importantly, AdPlayer.Pro video ads for AMP properties automatically launch when in readers’ view, while being muted by default, which allows maximizing viewability of ad creatives, while keeping viewers’ experience with website content non-disruptive.

As Anton Liaskovskyi, CEO of AdPlayer.Pro claimed, the upgrade of AMP-specific video ad tech has been a rather predictable move, given the increasingly wider adoption of the standard by the industry over the past years.

“What can’t be ignored is the unprecedented number of limitations the AMP framework implies, in terms of online video ads integration. In this respect, the released AdPlayer.Pro AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0 is primarily aimed at simplifying the publishers’ ad implementation routine, making it smoother and bug-free. And, of course, our dedicated account managers are always available to provide qualified tech support along the way, if needed,“ he explained.

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