Aniview Expands Its One-Stop-Shop for Video Ad Solutions with New CMS Features

Aniview’s ad solution expands its one-stop-shop for all video advertising needs, further developing its capabilities and offering publishers and advertisers a wider range of options

NEW YORK — Aniview (, a leading provider of holistic end-to-end ad-serving solutions for publishers, announces the launch of a content management service (CMS) within its online video syndication platform, expanding its one-stop-shop for video advertising. The new CMS empowers users to add unlimited videos, generate playlists, create video carousels, host advertisements, and seamlessly manage everything in their instream video units.

“We are excited to officially launch our CMS feature”

The average person sees between 6,000 to 10,000 ad impressions daily. Not all of these advertisements are found online, but throughout the last 20 years, online and digital advertising has grown exponentially as many companies rely on such advertisements as a source of revenue. As social media platforms, streaming services, and apps become more abundant, advertisers and publishers need an easy way to reach the masses.

With Aniview’s Content Discovery Platform, publishers, media houses, aggregators, and tech companies are able to turn internal and external videos into an in-article ad experience. Companies using the Aniview platform decide whether they want to do everything on Aniview or use multiple services altogether. Publishers have access to their entire inventory, both instream and outstream, and are now able to manage their video catalog on a single robust e2e video solution.

“We are excited to officially launch our CMS feature,” says Alon Carmel, CEO of Aniview. “The new product is already in the Beta, and will be released for our customers at the beginning of Q3. Instead of having to use multiple platforms to get advertising results, our customers can now get a complete video experience in one place.”

About Aniview
Founded in 2013, Aniview provides a full ecosystem for managing video and video advertisements through its patented technology. Our goal is to change the video advertising landscape and have premium publishers, networks, tech providers, and advertisers globally use our suite of products and enjoy an end-to-end solution. Our offering includes a reliable platform for video hosting and monetization (made up of an Adserver, Players, SDK, SSAI and Marketplace) which allows our partners to widen the reach of their services with versatile and customizable marketing tools that suit their business needs. For more info, visit