Truvid Amps up Its Responsiveness and Video Delivery Speed By Introducing HLS Protocol

Truvid, a boutique video technology, adopted this popular media streaming protocol, developed by Apple, in a bid to pull ahead of legacy streaming protocols and optimize the end users’ user experience when viewing their video content and ads.

This positive change comes as the IAB released data showing that more than half (56%) of 2021 video budgets are allocated to Digital (CTV, Mobile, Desktop) (source), and Google charts plans to drop their AMP, showing that AMP pages are no longer in line to receive preferential treatment – making speed more critical now than ever. 

In short, HLS was developed in order to replace age-old Flash, yet this adaptive bitrate live streaming video protocol was quickly adopted due to it’s high quality, cost efficiency, privacy and elite security standards. The popularity of HLS over its predecessors can be chalked up to playback compatibility as well as quality of the experience – as it’s most important feature by far is the ability to adapt the bitrate of the video to the actual speed of the connection.
Compared to previous solutions, HLS avoids rebuffering and stalling that effects that tends to bloat the client connection. More participants indicate using this protocol for content distribution, as it’s considered more safer, reliable and faster than earlier technologies.

“Adopting HLS positions Truvid in the video forefront, alongside the heavy hitters like YouTube, while providing our publishers with significant advantages, such as minimal loading times, streaming content as it’s being consumed and quality adjustment in real time for best user experience,” said Elad Feinberg, CTO of Truvid. “Minimizing our digital footprint improves our publishers’ media ranking, potentially driving their SEO ranking and improving their global positioning.”

About Truvid
Established in 2013, Truvid is a boutique video technology company that delivers high end video solutions to publishers around the globe. Their comprehensive video solutions enable publishers to monetize their website and video content across multi-screens while directly connecting to premium advertisers.