AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ad Tech Provider Celebrates the 5th Anniversary

AdPlayer.Pro commemorates the company’s 5-year anniversary with a special look-back at its business highlights from 2016 – 2021.

AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of advanced outstream video advertising solutions, is celebrating the company’s 5th anniversary in 2021 and commemorating it with the exclusive look-back at the key business benchmarks achieved since 2016.

According to Anton Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro’s CEO, the team has decided the best way to do it was a visual, i.e. the special “Five Years of AdPlayer.Pro in Review” infographic.

“These five years have, undoubtedly, been an exceptional period in the history of AdPlayer.Pro. We’ve accomplished so much already, and now is the right time to recall some of the key highlights from 2016 – 2021 in an exclusive visual story” he claimed.

This published story is the first part of a short, two-part series, dedicated to the five-year anniversary of AdPlayer.Pro. The second part, in particular, will cover the evolution of the world’s online video advertising market over the past years.

As Mr. Liaskovskyi explained, this helps put the AdPlayer.Pro’s business achievements in context. “Back in 2016, when the history of AdPlayer.Pro had just begun, online video advertising was already demonstrating its sharp growth. Nonetheless, its evolution has only accelerated ever since, hence it’s crucial to take a closer look at how it’s been going in order to better understand what the digital video ad industry can be like in the near future,” he said.

The “Five Years of AdPlayer.Pro in Review” infographic is already available on the company’s official blog at

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About AdPlayer.Pro

Founded in 2016, AdPlayer.Pro has already distinguished itself in the crowded digital video ad market by being able to meet the ever-changing industry needs with a broad range of innovative outstream video advertising solutions.

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