Adtech Startup Prizeout Partners With RoundlyX to Diversify Cash Out Options

The first-of-its-kind product will allow RoundlyX users to round up their everyday purchases into digital gift cards with bonus value

NEW YORK — Prizeout Corp. (Prizeout), first-in-class ad-tech company that works with businesses across the e-commerce, retail, gaming, service, and payroll industries to turn withdrawals into a growth engine, today announced a partnership with RoundlyX, a digital asset wealth management platform helping users invest spare change in cryptocurrencies and other digital assets when making everyday purchases. The partnership will enable RoundlyX users to round up their change into digital gift cards through Prizeout.

Prizeout was initially created to be a withdrawal option for users with existing digital balances, but in the past year it’s been thrilling to partner with innovative companies like RoundlyX to make technology that works for different business models,” said David Metz, CEO of Prizeout, “This partnership will set a precedent moving forward that Prizeout can play in any industry where users are looking for added value.”

RoundlyX is a digital asset wealth management platform that allows users to round up spare change into cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. In an effort to continue to innovate its user experience, the platform has sought to diversify its methods of “rounding up” and optimize the spending habits of its customers. Prizeout’s implementation gives RoundlyX users the opportunity to access Prizeout’s first-of-its-kind platform, allowing them to round up their spare change into digital gift cards to their favorite brands, many of which offer added value.

“RoundlyX was built on innovation, so when we first began talking with Prizeout about what a partnership might look like, it felt like a no-brainer. The opportunity to help our users optimize their spending by essentially earning a return on their spare change just made sense,” said Andrew Elliott, Co-Founder and CEO of RoundlyX. “Prizeout’s dedication to building a product that fits our business made for a seamless integration process and we are excited to see the product in action,” added Will Trible, Co-Founder and CTO of RoundlyX.

Founded in 2019, Prizeout has become a top-tier withdrawal option for users on its partner platforms by offering instant transactions through digital gift cards with bonus value. This partnership marks the first time Prizeout’s versatile technology platform will be used as a “round up” option, proving its agility across the financial services and crypto industries. Through exclusive partnerships, Prizeout offers users access to curated bonus offers on emerging and established brands while providing a fast and secure cashout experience.


Prizeout is a first-in-class ad-tech company that works within the gaming, gig-economy, payroll & finance industries to turn withdrawals into a growth solution for ecommerce & retail businesses. Operating as a digital cashout marketplace, Prizeout connects brands that are looking to acquire and retain customers with platforms that have users who are looking to withdraw funds. Through its exclusive partnerships, Prizeout offers users unprecedented access to bonus offers on popular and emerging brand favorites, while providing them with a fast, secure and curated experience.


RoundlyX’s mission is to spread mainstream adoption of digital assets by empowering users with tools for responsible involvement in an exciting but volatile emerging asset class. Through tools like roundup investing, market participants are able to weather the volatile but emerging digital asset class without overextending. In the RoundlyX dashboard users can manage their digital asset portfolios at various partnered exchanges with ease.