Cooler Screens Revolutionizes Retail Media, Generating More than 77 Million Monthly Views of Its Digital Cooler Aisle Screens at 700 U.S Retail Stores

With the installation of more than 10,000 screens on cooler doors, Cooler Screens is driving a new category of retail media, offering brands and retailers a new channel to engage with consumers through in-store advertising at the ultimate moment of truth

Cooler Screens, the leading digital in-store retail media company that transforms retail surfaces like cooler doors into brilliant, high-res 4k digital smart screens, today announced the installation milestone of more than 10,000 screens on cooler doors, generating more than 77 million monthly views, a 200+ percent increase since June. Cooler Screens is now in 700 retail locations across 30 major U.S markets.

“We’re bringing the qualities of online shopping that people love—choice, transparency, ease, and personal relevance—into brick & mortar stores to significantly enhance the consumer experience,” Arsen Avakian, Cooler Screens CEO and co-founder, said. “What started out as an idea for a new type of cooler door has turned into 10,000 screens and tens of millions of views in national retail chains, while also expanding beyond the cooler aisle into stunning end cap displays. We’re excited to hit this milestone and look forward to bringing consumers, brands, and retailers even more screens in the coming months.”

Cooler Screens seamlessly integrate into the existing retail environment—where more than 93 percent of grocery and health-related purchases happen—and use contextual targeting to create a powerful connection between brands and consumers on a virtually limitless creative canvas. Including new national retailers currently in the pilot phase of the pipeline, Cooler Screens provides access to a potential audience of more than 1.2 billion visitors per month.

By using contextual targeting based on actual consumer trends within a store to provide relevant messages to a target audience, Cooler Screens provide instant and easy access to the most relevant and up-to-date information, modernizing the in-store consumer experience so consumers can make better purchasing decisions. In fact, after experiencing Cooler Screens, more than 90 percent of consumers surveyed said they preferred them to traditional doors, and more than eight in ten thought it was easier to find products and that the products were more appealing.

“Cooler Screens put the right message in front of the right person at the right time, providing consumers with information they actually want and brands with targeting capabilities for unparalleled performance at mass media scale,” Avakian said. “We’re getting great feedback from consumers, retailers, and brands alike.”

In one recent campaign, a major soft drink brand dramatically increased brand awareness and sales in a competitive category through targeted advertisements on Cooler Screens, including:

  • Outpacing brand sales trends within their category by 15 points.
  • Increasing brand sales 6.4 points faster in stores with Cooler Screens than those without.

Cooler Screens provides 100 percent verified views in a pristine environment with the brand safety afforded by national retailers without collecting, using, or sharing any form of personal data on shoppers.

About Cooler Screens
Cooler Screens is the leading digital in-store retail media company, transforming retail spaces like cooler doors into brilliant 4k digital smart screens. Cooler Screens uses contextual targeting to create a powerful and relevant connection between brands and consumers in the ultimate moment of truth: immediately prior to selection. Currently providing more than 77 million monthly views on more than 10,000 screens in 700 retail locations, Cooler Screens can be found in 30 U.S. markets, including New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Enjoying simplified access to the latest and most relevant information, consumers can now make more informed in-store decisions to best fit their budgets, taste and health preferences. The result for retailers and packaged goods makers is a dynamic way to increase sales. For more information, please visit