AdRelevantis Releases Their First Learn&Try Content-Driving Advertising Environment

Ann Arbor, MI: Today, AdRelevantis LLC, an ad tech company specializing in Content-Driven Advertising, announced that they have released an environment for advertisers and publishers to learn Content-Driven Advertising by trying. With this environment, advertisers or ad agencies can create campaigns, load ads into campaigns and target ads to content based on IAB Categories. With ad tags associated with the environment, publisher’s pages display ads relevant to page content.

Of the company’s recent advance, AdRelevantis founder Gary Guo said, “Content-Driven Advertising is intuitive. However, it is a challenge to put all pieces together, particularly in today’s open Ad Exchange world. We believe Content-Driven Advertising is the future and we want to provide advertisers and publishers a playground to learn and try it.”

To get started, please go to and contact us. We will send you a free account.

About AdRelevantis LLC

AdRelevantis LLC is an ad tech company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founded in 2015, AdRelevantis has developed a set of technologies focused on Content-Driven Advertising. The technologies have been integrated with open source Revive Adserver and open source Prebid.js and are free under open source licenses.